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Oxygen Fixes

The Lack of Oxygen is the #1 Cause of Your Biggest Health Concerns… including Circulation, Brain Support, Energy and Sexual Health

Now You Can Pump MORE OXYGEN to Every Cell in Your Body… On Demand in Less Than 90 Minutes!

Dear Friend,

Our modern world is full of remarkable technologies that make our lives easier and more enjoyable.

But those conveniences come at a cost. Global warming and climate change send carbon dioxide (CO2) levels SKYROCKETING… while oxygen levels continue to PLUMMET.

As you’re about to discover, these changes in our environment are causing BIG health concerns.

Truth is, your cells are being robbed of fresh oxygen!

Here’s the GOOD NEWS:

Doctors identified an “anti-aging molecule” already inside your arteries that can help you enjoy stronger circulation and MORE OXYGEN starting in just 90 minutes… according to a study published in the journal Hypertension.

Even better, it can help you enjoy…

  • A sharper mind and memory 
  • Skyrocketing energy and muscular strength
  • Improved circulation for every organ in your body
  • Intensified sexual pleasures

Used by Olympic Gold Medalists… Backed by more than 130,000 clinical studies and medical papers… 

Now available to you… More Oxygen!

More Oxygen = More Life

Could a miracle molecule your body already makes Pump FRESH OXYGEN into your cells and Alleviate your worst health concerns?

Doctors and researchers from around the world are coming to the realization that a lack of oxygen is the BIGGEST threat to your health.

Like molecular biologist Stephen A. Levine, Ph.D. from the University of California Berkeley, who concludes that, “lack of oxygen in the tissues is the fundamental cause for all degenerative disease.” 1

Or Dr. Arthur G. Guyton, renowned author of the classic text The Textbook on Medical Physiology, who wrote, “All chronic pain, suffering, and diseases are caused by a lack of oxygen at a cellular level.” 2

Dr. Parris M. Kidd, an internationally recognized cell biologist, states “We can look at oxygen deficiency as the single greatest cause of all disease.” 3

Now here’s the BAD news…

Oxygen levels are FALLING around the world, especially in big cities. The trend is so alarming, even the mainstream media is taking notice.

Forbes magazine recently published the results of a new study from
Princeton University professor Daniel Stolper who warned that “oxygen levels continue to decline…” 4

And with the rise of global warming and climate change, levels of CO2 are higher than at any time in recent history.

And we’re not just talking about the last hundred years.

New evidence from ice core samples, published by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) show
CO2 levels are far higher than anything our planet has experienced in over 650,000 years! 5

Living In Our Modern World Means Your Cells
are STARVING for Oxygen

But there’s a “miracle molecule” your body already makes, that has the power to PUMP fresh oxygen to every cell in your body.

It’s a molecule that relaxes and expands your blood vessels, improving circulation and giving your cells the “big drink” of oxygen they’re thirsting for…

Let me introduce you to nature’s
newest health miracle… found in your arteries.

Hi, my name is Dr. David Blyweiss.

The natural breakthrough I’m talking about is nitric oxide, the “signaling” mechanism already inside your body, especially in your arteries.

Nitric oxide is
the primary chemical messenger made by your body in the circulatory system that controls your blood vessels and relaxes your arteries. This is huge!

When your body is producing enough nitric oxide, it helps…

  • Open your arteries and keep them elastic
  • Give you better blood flow for healthy blood pressure
  • Supercharge your mind and memory
  • Skyrocket your energy and muscular strength
  • Power up your heart
  • Re-ignite your love life and sexual pleasures
  • Activate your body’s “youth” enzyme
  • Boost the circulation of every cell and organ in your body, flooding it with nutrient-rich blood and oxygen

Meet David Blyweiss, M.D.

Dr. David Blyweiss has been one of America’s leading experts in natural medicine and natural health for over 30 years.

He started his medical career as a clinical pharmacist before earning his medical degree from St. George’s University School of Medicine in 1982. This dual background gives him unique insights in the pros and cons of conventional medicine, as well as how to use natural alternatives for better, safer healing.

In addition, he has traveled extensively over the world in his search of the healing potential of new herbs and botanical breakthroughs.

Dr. Blyweiss has been a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine for over a decade and was in the first group to be certified as a functional medicine physician by IFM. #

How important are high levels of nitric oxide for your health and vitality? Life‑saving!

Dr. Louis Ignarro, Nobel Prize winner and co-discoverer of nitric oxide’s role in heart health says: “Nitric oxide is… the most significant molecule in your body, absolutely crucial for your well-being.”

Dr. Jonathan Stamler, Professor of Medicine, Duke University Medical Center says: “Nitric oxide does everything, everywhere… it’s involved in changes in the brain, airway relaxation, beating of the heart, dilation of blood vessels, regulation of intestinal movement, function of blood cells and the immune system.”

Dr. John Cooke, Director of Vascular Medicine at Stanford University adds: “Nitric oxide is… magic inside your blood vessels. It’s your body’s own built-in natural protection against heart [problems]… so powerful it can protect you from [a heart or brain disaster].”

Nutrition Research (2011) reports that nitric oxide’s ability to boost circulation… “could save millions of lives worldwide and lessen the burden on the healthcare system.”

And Ultra Marathoners and Olympic athletes swear by raising nitric oxide to boost performance and endurance.

But there’s one big problem…

Millions of people age 50 or older
are deficient in nitric oxide

Circulation journal warns that by the time you hit age 70-80, you’ll likely have 75% LESS nitric oxide in your circulatory system than young, healthy 20-year olds!

This is a huge problem, because without enough nitric oxide…

  1. 1
    Your arteries can’t relax and expand as they should. Instead, they deteriorate and stiffen.
  2. 2
    Damage occurs in the walls of your arteries, causing them to be even more constricted with dangerous plaque.
  3. 3
    Your blood flow becomes more sluggish, unable to fully reach all of your organs.

Could this be the hidden cause of aging and old-age ailments? Scientific research suggests it’s true.

  • The Journal of Geriatric Cardiology warns that “Loss of nitric oxide function is one of the earliest indicators of [health problems.]”
  • Circulation adds that, “Insufficient nitric oxide production is associated with all major cardiovascular risk factors” and has “profound predictive value for disease progression.”
  • Nobel Prize recipient Dr. Louis Ignarro warns that, “Nitric oxide deficiency can contribute to nearly every major [health problem] of our time.”
  • Circulation Research reports a deficiency of nitric oxide ages you faster since, “Nitric oxide activates [your age-defying enzyme] and delays premature cell death.”
  • The journal Nutrients (2015) reports that decreased nitric oxide triggers health problems affecting your blood sugar, heart, blood pressure, bones, lungs and cells.

It’s a medical fact: Millions of people age 50 or older are deficient in nitric oxide – a deficiency that opens the doors to many age-related health problems and premature aging. And most people don’t even know they’re at risk.

But now, modern science has discovered a new, easy way to raise nitric oxide levels in your body so you can create your own health miracle.

Are you deficient in nitric oxide?

You likely have low levels if you suffer from any of these health conditions…

  • Cold hands and feet
  • Fatigue or low energy
  • Unhealthy blood pressure
  • Poor circulation
  • Spotty memory and brain fog
  • Muscle cramps and pain
  • Triglyceride concerns
  • Hair loss
  • Shortness of breath
  • Poor sexual performance

But now, you can skyrocket nitric oxide levels, safely and naturally, with the Nitrinol breakthrough.

Up until recently, there were two main ways to raise nitric oxide levels.

One is through regular, vigorous exercise.

Nitric oxide is created in the inner layer of cells that line your blood vessels called the

Endothelium cells are very sensitive to physical conditions in your blood vessels. So when they sense a heart healthy condition, like physical exercise, they create more nitric oxide. This is why exercise gives your arteries a ‘power workout” and is so important for great health.

The other way to raise nitric oxide is by eating lots of foods rich in natural nitrates, which are then converted to nitric oxide. Foods like beets and dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, Swiss chard and arugula. And this is why eating “greens” is so important for your health.

But most people don’t get enough exercise or green foods and you may not be getting enough either. So your nitric oxide levels may fall to dangerously low levels.

GOOD NEWS: There’s now a better way
to raise nitric oxide levels!

It’s possible with a new, patented breakthrough natural formula that boosts your nitric oxide levels easily… without depending on regular exercise or eating the perfect diet.

It’s called Nitrinol, and nothing I’ve found is more powerful at raising nitric oxide levels in your body. And when you do that, you’ll create your own health miracle.

Sound too good to be true? Take a look at the mountain of scientific and clinical research behind it, then decide for yourself …

Research from Wales Heart Research Institute confirms…

Nitric oxide opens your arteries and improves poor circulation

Back in the 1600s, Thomas Sydenham, M.D., said, “A man is as old as his arteries.” And now, modern medical science shows he was right.

How to de-age your arteries with what Science hails as “the molecule of the year.”

Harvard Health Letter reports if your arteries are nurtured with daily exercise, a healthy diet and good relationships, they age “slowly and gracefully.”

But if your arteries are under assault – from processed foods laden with saturated fat, toxins from our environment like cigarette smoke, chronic stress and other traumas – your arteries will age more quickly. And that can mean serious health risks.

But now, you can relax and dilate your arteries, safely and naturally, with Nitrinol. This breakthrough natural formula will raise your body’s level of nitric oxide, hailed by Science as “the molecule of the year,” and help you conquer many common health concerns.

“Thank you… Nitrinol has given me better circulation and more energy.”*

– Sathit K., Bangkok, Thailand

According to the National Institute on Aging

  • Your circulatory system has more than 60,000 miles of arteries, veins and other vessels if stretched end-to-end
  • Every day, your heart pumps 1,800 gallons of blood through this network
  • In an average lifetime, your heart pumps one million barrels of blood through your circulatory system-enough blood to fill three supertankers.

But as you age, your blood vessels undergo changes, which may cause them to stiffen, thicken and get clogged.

In fact, low levels of nitric oxide are associated with arterial stiffness, blood pressure concerns and heart problems.

Yet, thankfully, nature has provided a solution: nitric oxide.

Your body’s built-in artery “relaxer and expander”

According to the National Institute of Aging, “When nitric oxide enters a cell, it stimulates a biochemical process that relaxes and dilates blood vessels.”

This is why nitric oxide is nature’s most powerful vasodilator. It widens your blood vessels and ensures that a rich supply of nutrient- and oxygen-rich blood flows easily to every cell and organ in your body.

Nitric oxide keeps your arteries wide open and elastic

Doctors and scientists at the Wales Heart Research Institute, Cardiff University, United Kingdom discovered that nitric oxide is a powerful “relaxing factor” that plays a key role in regulating the tone, structure and function of blood vessels.6

And the journal
Circulation confirms this finding. Researchers at the University of Cambridge report that nitric oxide regulates the “stretching” of arteries.

Their testing showed, for the first time, that nitric oxide production influences the elasticity of arteries. And it shows why a deficiency in nitric oxide increases arterial stiffness and poor circulation.7

Even better…

…with relaxed arteries and improved circulation, you’ll feel great head to toe!

If your arteries are wide open, supple and elastic-you’ll feel it with…

  • A stronger heart with powerful pumping and healthier blood pressure
  • A rejuvenated brain with nourished brain cells and neurotransmitters
  • Healthy vision with rich blood flow to tiny capillaries and cells in your eyes
  • Skyrocketing energy with nutrient-rich blood reaching every organ
  • More intense sexual pleasures

All of these great health benefits-and more-can be yours as you raise nitric oxide levels in your body with the breakthrough Nitrinol formula.

As a Medical Doctor, I’m especially impressed at what boosting nitric oxide levels can do for your blood pressure and your heart, as you’ll now see…

With Nitrinol, keep your blood pressure healthy!

Did you know…

  • More people see their doctor for blood pressure problems than for any other health ailment.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that about 70 million American adults have high blood pressure.
  • The National Institutes of Health reports that blood pressure problems are linked to approximately 700,000 deaths a year.

Blood pressure problems — a vicious cycle

The Mayo Clinic warns that blood pressure problems can “quietly damage your body for years before symptoms develop.” Damage to your heart, arteries, brain, kidneys, eyes, even sexual function.

This is why out-of-control blood pressure is often called the Silent Killer.

The damage all starts in your arteries, mainly in the cells of your arteries’ inner lining-the endothelial cells.

Once the endothelial cells are damaged, your arteries stiffen and thicken… a cascade of inflammation begins…your body’s ability to make nitric oxide is impaired… and your blood pressure rises. It’s a vicious cycle.

But by increasing nitric oxide you can maintain healthy blood pressure, starting in just three hours.

The proof? Look at these two clinical studies…

In one study conducted at the London School of Medicine, it was shown that dietary nitrates (which are converted to nitric oxide) provide sustained blood pressure relief.

In all, 68 patients aged 18-85 with blood pressure problems received daily supplementation of either dietary nitrates (beetroot juice) or a placebo (nitrate-free beetroot juice).

The results? Within 24 hours, those drinking the beetroot juice with dietary nitrates saw walking systolic blood pressure lower by 7.7 mm HG-and diastolic blood pressure drop 5.2 mm HG.

And their in-home blood pressure dropped 8.1 and 3.8 mm HG, respectively.8

Great results indeed!

Even better, a study in the journal Hypertension reported that certain vegetables possess high levels of natural nitrates that are converted to nitric oxide and support healthy blood pressure.

“I feel that this product is helping my blood flow.”*

– Michael C., Mount Vernon, IL

Nobel Prize secret keeps your blood pressure healthy

The Nobel Prize awards committee hailed nitric oxide by reporting, “Nitric oxide is a… regulator of blood pressure.”

Now, boost nitric oxide levels and enjoy healthy blood pressure with Nitrinol. Blood pressure 120/80? You bet!

In this study, healthy volunteers drank 500 mL of beetroot juice and within three hours, their blood pressure was substantially reduced by 10 mm HG (systolic) and 8 mm HG (diastolic). The beetroot juice also prevented dysfunction of the endothelial cells, reduced restricted blood flow in the forearm… and reduced blood clotting.9

No wonder Men’s Health magazine reports, “The naturally occurring nitrates in beets may help fight blood pressure.”

Healthy blood pressure without beets or beet juice

Now, with Nitrinol, you get the power of nitrate-rich beets, which are converted to nitric oxide, without having to drink beetroot juice or eat beets.

One of its key ingredients is a proprietary blend of nitric oxide boosters that includes beet root extract. It’s an easier way to keep your blood pressure healthy.

What’s more…

Based on findings by U.C. San Diego scientists:

Nitric oxide boosts blood flow to your brain so you avoid a memory “meltdown”

Did you know that 20 percent of the blood flowing from your heart is pumped to your brain?

This is because your brain requires huge amounts of oxygen and glucose, delivered by your blood, to function properly.

And this is why your brain has a vast network of 15 different arteries and countless blood vessels and veins to carry blood, oxygen and glucose to it.

Is this the secret to an “ageless” brain?

How important is a constant flow of oxygen- and glucose-rich blood to your brain? VITAL!

Here, for example, is an illustration showing nine different arteries that deliver blood to your brain.

Imagine how sharp your thinking and memory can be if these arteries are healthy and if blood is coursing through them.

But then imagine if these arteries are impaired, unhealthy or clogged? Think about how that can mean slow thinking, memory loss and cognitive problems – or worse.

The good news is you can improve blood flow to your brain and keep your arteries open and healthy with the nitric oxide booster, Nitrinol. Take it every day and make your brain “young again.”

Of course, if you have poor circulation and poor artery health, your brain, your mind and memory will suffer. New research backs this up.

Many cognitive problems due to poor blood flow are not just neurodegenerative disorders

Researchers at U.C. San Diego’s Department of Pathology report that serious mind and memory problems have two major risk factors: (1) advancing age and (2) vascular risk factors.

Evidence is fast accumulating that brain “meltdowns” are often vascular (blood flow) disorders with neurodegenerative consequences rather than brain disorders with blood flow consequences.

Even more shocking, their research suggests that impairment of nitric oxide release may trigger a cognitive “meltdown” due to poor circulation and lack of blood flow to the brain.10

In addition, researchers at the Department of Neurosciences, Catholic University of Sacred Heart, Rome, Italy, reported that serious cognitive decline is characterized by decreased blood flow to the brain.11

But now…

You can boost blood flow to your brain and supercharge your mind and memory — with Nitrinol

By raising nitric oxide levels with Nitrinol, you’ll open cerebral arteries and improve blood flow to your brain, all to help you…

  • Boost your brain power
  • Clear up foggy thinking
  • Sharpen your memory
  • Improve concentration
  • Out-think the younger generation

Think of it like this: With Nitrinol, you’ll improve cerebral blood flow and enjoy an ageless brain!

But that’s not all…

Sports Medicine stud confirms:

Nitric oxide skyrockets your energy and muscular power like it does for Olympians

How to give your arteries a “power workout” without any sweat

As a Medical Doctor, I tell all my patients that regular exercise is very important for great health.

When you exercise regularly, you help your body make more nitric oxide – which in turn opens your arteries, improves blood flow and boosts your health. Exercise gives your arteries what I call a “power workout.”

But what if you can’t or don’t exercise regularly?

By taking this unique nitric oxide booster, your arteries will relax and open, like they do when you exercise, only you don’t have to break out in a sweat.

Nitric oxide has also become “hot” among elite athletes and Olympians.

It turns out that many of these athletes are boosting their nitric oxide levels, energy and performance by drinking beetroot juice. It’s one of the richest sources of natural nitrates which turn into nitric oxide.

  • The Washington Post: “Beet juice has become the energy drink of choice among so many Olympians.”
  • “The new rules of marathon nutrition: Drink plenty of water and a little beet juice before your marathon.”
  • The Globe and Mail: “Elite athletes guzzle beet juice before a race.”
  • “English ultra-marathoner Chris Carver credits nitrate-rich beetroot juice with his first place showing in a 24-hour race in Scotland… running 148 miles in one day.”

More energy and stamina

How can raising nitric oxide levels help these super athletes and you feel stronger and more energized?

Because loading up on nitric oxide helps…

  • Improve oxygen use by your muscles
  • Boost exercise endurance and performance
  • Speed oxygen to your legs and feet
  • Increase your energy and power

And numerous clinical studies prove raising nitric oxide levels can boost your energy and performance…

130,000 medical papers report nitric oxide can end OLD age as we know it and help you conquer most every health problem.

Better exercise performance, less oxygen use: A study at the Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences reports that a moderate dietary dose of natural nitrates reduces oxygen needed for exercise… reduces exercise exhaustion levels… and improves muscle performance.12

Energy and workout boost!

“(I have) increased energy. I breeze through my spinning classes. My lifestyle has always been active. Nitrinol helps me maintain or increase my active lifestyle in retirement.”*

– Daniel F., Cincinnati, OH

Improves exercise tolerance and performance: Sports Medicine reports beetroot and green leafy vegetables reduced oxygen used in exercise and improved exercise performance.13

Boosts power output, reduces oxygen use: Two studies showed that cyclists who drank beetroot juice before riding reduced the use of oxygen by 19% and had as much as 11% greater power output per liter of oxygen consumed.14,15

Boost nitric oxide and supercharge energy

Think how great you’ll feel if you have all the energy, stamina and power you need to…

  • Drive across country to visit your family and loved ones
  • Take on a major remodeling project at your home
  • Take up a new pastime like dancing, cooking or fly fishing
  • Plant that dream garden in your backyard
  • Take care of your grandkids for a week or more
  • Walk, even jog, for miles without getting tired or worn out
  • And enjoy the best of life without running out of energy

But that’s not all. The new Nitrinol can also do wonders for your love life, too, as I’ll now explain…

Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Medical College of Georgia report:

Nitric oxide re-ignites your love life and boosts your sexual pleasures

The “bedroom blues” often have their root in one problem: Poor circulation.

If you’re a man who wants to get harder… or if you’re a woman who wants to increase sexual sensitivity and pleasure, you need blood flowing easily and smoothly to your sexual organs. And nothing in nature helps you do that better than by boosting nitric oxide levels.

More nitric oxide means more sexual power and pleasures.

Doctors at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Department of Urology, confirm that nitric oxide is the “signaling” molecule that regulates erectile response.17

Nitric oxide is released by nerve and endothelial cells in the tissues of the penis. This helps the penis to relax, fill with blood and get harder. And to any man, that can mean rock hard erections… longer lovemaking… and heightened sexual pleasures.

Also, researchers at the Medical College of Georgia, Department of Physiology, report that as many as 40 percent of women suffer from diminished vaginal lubrication… painful intercourse… decreased sense of arousal… and difficulty having an orgasm.

More important, they report that relaxation in a woman’s sexual function is initiated with the release of nitric oxide.

In fact, when women boosted nitric oxide levels, they increased sexual sensitivity, satisfaction and frequency.

“I have tried many other NO products, but I can tell you that I feel a very significant difference indeed! This product is a keeper for me!! Nitrinol will be in my supplement arsenal for good!”*

– Terence W., Wilmington. NC

Better sex without dangerous side effects

Even better, you can enhance your sexual power and pleasures and enjoy sex as it should be without worry of harmful, dangerous side effects – no matter your age – with all natural Nitrinol.

New research also shows nitric oxide can help you feel years younger…

Circulation Research Journal and a Nobel Prize verify it…

Nitric oxide activates your “youth” enzyme so you feel decades younger and healthier

One tablet: 19 astonishing health benefits

Take the new breakthrough formula Nitrinol every day, and the first thing that will happen is it will relax and open your arteries. Then, in no time flat you’ll reap benefits like…

  • Improved circulation and blood flow
  • Softer, more elastic arteries, blood vessels and veins
  • Built-in protection to keep your heart and brain healthy
  • Healthy blood pressure
  • Enhanced pumping power of your heart
  • Better blood flow to your brain for a sharper mind and memory
  • Improved circulation to your eyes for clearer, more focused vision
  • Warmer hands and feet
  • Skyrocketing energy and vitality
  • Increased muscular power
  • Better exercise performance
  • Walking longer with less pain
  • A re-ignited love life
  • Heightened sexual pleasures
  • Men: Rock hard erections
  • Women: Increased sexual arousal and sensitivity
  • Activating the body’s “youth” enzyme
  • Dodging dozens of common “old age” ailments
  • Feeling years, even decades, younger

Boosting nitric oxide can also help you defy aging. It’s possible with a recent discovery deep within your cells that determines how fast or slow you age.

Scientists now verify that strands of DNA found at the end of your chromosomes, called telomeres, preserve your genetic code. They make it possible for your cells to divide and replicate.

In fact, a Nobel Prize was awarded in 2009 for the discovery of how chromosomes are protected by telomeres.

The problems is, as you age, your telomeres get shorter and shorter.

The big shock? The shorter your telomeres are, the more quickly you age-and the more quickly your health deteriorates.

The big news: Increasing nitric oxide activates your body’s “youth” enzyme and helps keep your telomeres longer

When I describe nitric oxide as a “miracle molecule,” here’s why. Besides all of the benefits it gives you, research shows it also helps keep you younger.

Circulation Research Journal reports that in human cell cultures, nitric oxide activates telomerase, a special enzyme in your cells that protects your telomeres from shortening and delays cell death.19

This is why Nature, the International Weekly Journal of Science, reports that “Telomerase reverses the aging process.”

Plus, researchers at U.C. Berkeley add that “Telomerase is the key to [cell] replicative immortality.” This is why telomerase is your body’s “youth” enzyme.

But that’s not all. Longer telomeres can also help you conquer most every major health concern.

The proof?

The amazing super health of 100-year-olds as reported by the Journal of Gerontology

Can keeping your telomeres longer really help improve your health? Yes!

A stunning study reported in the Journal of Gerontology found that healthy 100-year-olds had significantly longer telomeres than did unhealthy 100-year-olds.

In fact, centenarians with longer telomeres had few, if any, problems with their hearts, brains, blood sugar, kidneys, joints, lungs or moods-and in many cases, had ZERO problems.20

But those with shorter telomeres suffered from every one of these problems.

Special introductory savings, FREE boxes and no risk!

Bottom line: By boosting nitric oxide levels in your body with Nitrinol, you can activate your body’s “youth” enzyme and feel decades younger and healthier.

Best yet, you can now try the new Nitrinol without risk and at special savings, plus get FREE boxes and other FREE Gifts as you’ll now see…

Beat the common denominator of “OLD AGE.”

With the new Nitrinol, you can say “Yes” to healthy blood pressure, high energy, open arteries, a strong heart, sharp memory and increased sexual pleasures.

As you’ve read, many “OLD AGE” ailments that plague millions of Americans have a common denominator: Inadequate levels of nitric oxide.

If you don’t have enough nitric oxide, your blood vessels can’t relax and expand the way they should. So your arteries stiffen and become congested.

Your blood has to pump harder, which can mean higher blood pressure and damage to your arterial walls.

This in turn affects blood flow to your brain, heart, eyes, arms and legs and sexual organs – putting you at risk for a number of health “disasters.”

But now, you can boost nitric oxide levels in your arteries, your “energy factories” and in your body with the new Nitrinol

In the past, the best ways to raise nitric oxide levels in your body were with regular, vigorous exercise or by eating a diet rich in natural nitrates like beets, spinach, kale and other dark green leafy vegetables.

Nitrinol is my top recommendation for raising nitric oxide levels in your body and supercharging your health because…

  1. 1
    It includes seven of nature’s most powerful nitric oxide boosters, including the superstar ingredients Beet Root Extract, L-Arginine and Melon Juice Concentrate. Each helps raise nitric oxide levels in your body, naturally, and without hard exercise or the perfect diet.
  2. 2
    It opens your arteries and improves circulation to every cell and organ in your body for healthy blood pressure, more energy, a sharper mind, a stronger heart, re-ignited love life and super health.
  3. 3
    It activates your body’s “youth” enzyme to help you feel years, even decades, younger and healthier.

Why people love Nitrinol

“I’m a believer in Nitrinol. It improved my cardiovascular performance and my libido significantly.”*

– David R.

“With Nitrinol, I felt better right away. Energy, good digestion… it even impacted how I feel stress.”*

– Barbara C.

Using Nitrinol has given me more energy for my everyday activities. I started feeling the results about two weeks after taking it.”*

– Mac M.

“I have had problems with my knees and when I take Nitrinol I have less of a problem. I noticed a difference in my energy levels and walking speed.”*


– Edgar B.

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The new Nitrinol breakthrough makes it easy for your body to produce more nitric oxide in your arteries, energy factories and throughout your whole body. Take it every day and you’ll enjoy super circulation, super energy and super health.

I urge you to try out Nitrinol and see for yourself how it can help you create your own health miracle. Order today!


David Blyweiss, M.D.

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Buy 5 boxes,
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You save $119.80!

5 month supply + 2 month FREE for only $199.75. Plus you get 2 FREE Reports (including one for fast order) and FREE Shipping. In all, your BEST DEAL order includes special savings and FREE Gifts valued at $319.55

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Buy 3 boxes,
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You save $79.85!

3 month supply + 1 month FREE for only $119.85 + $6.95 for shipping (USA) totaling $126.80. Plus you get 2 FREE Reports (including one for fast order). In all, your GOOD DEAL order includes special savings and FREE Gifts valued at $199.70!

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Buy 1 box, get 1 FREE report with fast order. 

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