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SPECIAL ISSUE • Winter 2022

The Awful Truth
About Curcumin

Here’s the ONLY Way Curcumin Supplements
Deliver The Life-Saving Benefits You Need


  • Harvard MD and
    Acclaimed Neuroscientist:

    Ramps up your memory like
    “Miracle-Gro for your brain.”
    See page 8
  • The “Viking Secret”
    for Energy and Stamina:

    The herbal secret weapon
    behind their legendary
    stamina, endurance, and
    physical strength.
    See page 14
  • Your DNA Is No Longer
    Your Destiny!
    biologically younger at
    the genetic level and even
    repair damage to your
    DNA. See page 6
  • Heart-Health Shocker:
    Get the heart benefits of
    90 minutes of exercise...
    Without exercising!
    See page 9
  • The Longevity Break
    through that Won the
    Nobel Prize
    . See page 12

By David Blyweiss, MD

Dear Health-Savvy Friend,

Are curcumin supplements really
the “miracle” they claim to be?

Are curcumin supplements really the “miracle” they claim to be?

You may be surprised by what curcumin supplements
REALLY do to your body…

Studies show they’re better painkillers than most over-the-counter remedies.

And they power up your brain so you don’t have to
worry about the scariest health concerns of our time...
like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

So why do many of my patients tell me they feel
NOTHING when they take a curcumin supplement?

In this NEW special report, I’ll show you the critical
discovery that unlocks curcumin’s power, so you can


How To Get Your Own
“Curcumin Transformation” 

New Discovery Unlocks Curcumin’s REAL Power

By David Blyweiss, MD

Dear Health-Savvy Friend,

Curcumin — an extract of Turmeric — is one of the most researched nutrients in medical history

More than 11,567 studies published in dozens of peer-reviewed medical journals PROVE curcumin:

  • Lengthens Healthier Lifespan or “Health
    Span” By 25%:
    The equivalent of adding an
    extra 15 to 20 healthy years to your life. — Age Journal
  • Age JournalSupports Joint Comfort and Effortless Mobility: Pain scores drop by 60% and stiffness scores drop
    by 73%. — Journal of Alternative Medicine Review
  • Supports Balanced Levels of Inflammation: Along with exercise, inflammation markers dropped 25% compared to placebo.3 — University of North Texas
  • Supports Strong Memory and Stable Mood:
    Boosts short-term memory, reduces mental fatigue,
    and enhances mood.4 — Journal of Psychopharmacology
  • Supports Healthy Triglycerides: Patients
    experienced a 60% improvement in maintaining healthy blood fat levels. 5 — Journal of Phytotherapy
  • Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels: 100% of people taking curcumin had a healthier response to insulin. —Journal of Diabetes Care
  • Supports Smooth, Younger-Looking Skin: Inhibits enzyme that blocks elastin by up to 65%. — Journal Biomed Central Alternative Complimentary Medicine

Yet many of my patients tell me they don’t notice any difference after taking curcumin supplements.

When they show me the bottle, I immediately know why.

Most commercial curcumin supplements have
two problems:

  • They aren’t concentrated enough to do any good...
  • And they’re missing a critical “delivery system” that gets curcumin molecules into your cells.

Fortunately, I found a simple way to solve this problem forever...

I trademarked my own super-potent and highly-absorbable strain called Super Curcumin 95, which I’ll tell you about in just a minute.

And I ramped up it’s age-reversing potential by adding three additional nutrients that multiply its power.

You see, I started my medical career as a hospital pharmacist at a major hospital in south Florida. That’s where I learned how
nutrients, drugs, and medicines interact with each other...

And how to make them work together to solve big problems.

Truth is, a well-made curcumin formula can do more than just relieve your discomfort, or strengthen your heart, brain, and memory... it can give you more quality time.

More quality time with your family... More
quality time to enjoy retirement... And more quality
time to travel and make memories

Today, I’ll show you the simple secret I discovered for staying younger longer...

Extending your “health span.”

Your health span is what I call the time you can live without losing your powers of youth... Or worrying about your body falling apart.

My “Super Curcumin 95” Lengthens Your Health Span By 25%

Imagine being 75-years old, but having the mind and body you did when you were in your late 40s, early 50s?

That’s what I’m talking about

Getting the real potential from curcumin is the first step.

In this special report, I’ll show you how my exclusive, private curcumin formulation can change your life... in a BIG way

Eric’s story is just one example of the transformations we’re seeing with this new curcumin breakthrough, but there are hundreds more. Real people, just like you, overcoming scary situations and making huge gains.

So why haven’t you had YOUR curcumin transformation yet?

Keep reading and I’ll show you how to get in on the greatest health discoveries of our time... A breakthrough PROVEN to give you life’s most precious gift: More time.

Here’s a hint.

All Your Biggest Health Concerns
Have a Common Cause

A few years back, I got hit smack between the eyes by one of life’s cruel ironies:

Just when you’ve earned the wisdom to really appreciate the richness and beauty of life, your body starts to break down.

Everything speeds up and you feel like time is slipping through your fingers... Health concerns come out of nowhere and feel too big to conquer. Truth is, your health concerns all have a
common cause.

And when you fix this one thing, no problem is too big to overcome.

It’s about time someone let you in on this.

And I won’t blame you for feeling a little upset when you find out that modern medicine has either overlooked or ignored it.

My name is David Blyweiss, MD.

I discovered a HUGE, untapped resource for the health concerns Big Pharma has no answer for...

A discovery that lets you...

Reverse the Root Cause of Tough-to-Solve Symptoms

Did you know chronic inflammation plays a major role in almost every tough-to-solve health issue?

It also causes pain and speeds up the aging process... Giving you that feeling you’re “falling apart.”

Even if you’re not aware of any symptoms, the odds are overwhelming that you have some form of inflammation quietly simmering away in your body right now.

If you have joint pain and stiffness… if you’re overweight...

Or even if you simply eat a modern American diet, it’s very likely that inflammation is damaging your body and your quality of life right now

It’s a very serious threat to your long-term health and it shortens your health span.

Meet Dr. David Blyweiss

Leading a New Revolution in Natural Health Solutions

Dr. David Blyweiss was one of the first integrative MDs in the country, and a pioneer of functional medicine. But his career didn’t start off that way

After going through a serious illness that included chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, Dr. Blyweiss realized chronic diseases are not caused by a single problem, and that mainstream drug treatments consistently fail.

This was the turning point that led him to an integrative approach, combining the most effective elements of functional medicine, orthomolecular nutrition, and nutrigenomics.

During medical school, he had the privilege of
studying under two-time Nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus

Read more about Dr. Blyweiss.

During medical school, he had the privilege of
studying under two-time Nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus
As a result of his unique education and his own experience overcoming chronic disease, Dr. Blyweiss has a talent for finding natural solutions for tough medical problems.
Throughout his four-decade career, Dr. Blyweiss has worked with the World Health Organization (WHO) and travelled the world
with teams of specialists to investigate new natural treatments.
He’s also the editor of Advanced Natural Wellness and runs a thriving medical practice in South Florida. Using his own experience and proven approach, he helps patients find solutions... even when nothing else helps.

Breakthrough Discovery at Harvard Medical School

The key insight that inflammation is linked to so many chronic health issues comes from Harvard Medical School. Harvard researchers discovered that people with high levels of inflammation had a 400% greater risk of heart issues.

What’s more, their research showed that
inflammation was a far better predictor of future heart issues than cholesterol levels or any of the other 12 risk factors they studied!

Since then, research has shown that chronic inflammation is closely linked to tough-to-solve health issues in virtually every part of your body.

Chronic inflammation speeds up the breakdown of cells and tissues. In fact, inflammation is so closely linked with the aging process and the shortening of your
health span, researchers call it…


But here’s the great news: By reducing chronic inflammation you can help solve an entire range of health issues—even ones you’ve been suffering with for years!

In this Special Report, you’ll discover my inflammation-fighting formulation that does far more than any curcumin supplement you’ve ever tried.

My unique formula is based on three amazing “adaptogenic” nutrients. That means they naturally find issues and help your body “adapt” to fix the problem.

If a certain body system of yours is under active, these nutrients boost it. But if a body system is overactive, these nutrients help calm it. 

When your systems are in balance your body works like it did when you were many years younger.

My patients who take these natural wonders tell me:

  • “It’s like night and day. I think clearer, I don’t ache and I have much more energy.”
  • “I don’t have to take a nap in the afternoon. I’m not exhausted at 2:00 p.m.”
  • “I can open and close my hands without pain.”

I searched for one natural formula that contained all of these clinically proven natural solutions, but I couldn’t find one. That’s why I partnered with UniScience Group to combine the world’s three best adaptogenic herbs in one comprehensive formula.

It’s called Curcumin Total Vitality.

In the pages ahead you’ll see not only
the remarkable ingredients in this new
formula but also the clinical research
that supports this revolutionary new
approach to health and longevity.

It all starts with…

Supercharged Curcumin

The new scientific breakthrough that makes other forms of turmeric and curcumin obsolete

Curcumin is the key healing nutrient found in

turmeric, a plant that has a 6,000-year track record in the medical tradition of India.

Raw turmeric is only about 3% curcumin. This is why curcumin extracts give you much higher levels of this vital healing compound than you can get from eating turmeric.

Curcumin is one of the world’s most thoroughly studied natural medicinal compounds. More than 10,500 medical studieshave shown how it can renew, repair, and revitalize the human body.9

The Trouble with Ordinary Curcumin

Curcumin is a large molecule. It’s poorly absorbed by the body and eliminated quickly.10 Very little of a standard curcumin supplement reaches your cells where it can help rejuvenate your
body, relieve pain, and halt chronic inflammation.

That’s why I prescribe Super Curcumin 95® , a much more powerful and more absorbable form of curcumin. It gives you 32 times more curcumin than raw turmeric. Plus, it’s combined with a unique, patented delivery mechanism that boost the bioavailability of curcumin by 2,000%

Super Curcumin 95® doesn’t just treat your symptoms; it helps solve the root cause of many health issues. This is why curcumin is so effective. It can help you…

Turn OFF the “Master Switch of Aging and Pain”

Remarkably, curcumin can not only switch off inflammation if it’s too high, but it also supports a proper immune response in your body.

That’s because curcumin has a unique ability to  positively influence many different inflammatory factors at the same time. These include NF-kB, the signaling protein that acts like a “master switch” to turn on a whole range of inflammatory reactions in
your body.

The Trouble with Ordinary Curcumin

But curcumin even goes beyond this. In fact, scientists have already shown that curcumin can…

Reverse Chronic Inflammation 45 DIFFERENT WAYS!

Curcumin can relieve an amazingly broad array of inflammatory processes. Standard pain-relievers (such as ibuprofen,
aspirin, and acetaminophen) work on just a few of them—such as COX-2. But research published in the
Annals of the New York
Academy of Sciences shows
that curcumin favorably influences 45 DIFFERENT INFLAMMATORY FACTORS! 13 I never
found any other substance, natural or man-made, that even comes close!

Does some type of health issue seem to run in your family? Then you should know that curcumin is one of the most
powerful ways known to medical science to “switch on” healthy genes and “switch off” the unhealthy ones that cause chronic
inflammation. This means…

Your DNA Is No Longer Your Destiny!

Curcumin can actually help you grow biologically younger at the genetic level and even repair damage to your DNA.

Many nagging, tough-to-solve health problems are actually caused by malfunctions of genetic processes. But curcumin can even help repair DNA. For example, a study published in the journal Human and Experimental Toxicology showed that curcumin could even repair DNA damage caused by arsenic exposure!15

Curcumin Pain-Relief Advantage:

Joint Pain Down 58%!

Numerous double-blind, placebo-controlled studies have shown remarkable improvements in pain, stiffness, and physical functioning. For example, a pilot medical study of people with joint pain showed that curcumin helped reduce pain and stiffness by an extraordinary 58%!16

Spine, Shoulder, Hip, Knee, Hand Pain All Down Dramatically

In another medical study, people who suffered from joint pain and stiffness reported significant reductions in a wide variety of types of joint pain. Plus they enjoyed better ability to walk and a
substantially better overall quality of life.17

Why Your Joint Cartilage LOVES CURCUMIN!

Pain-free, flexible joints depend on healthy cartilage. Cartilage acts like a shock absorber, cushioning your bones and preventing them from grinding against each other painfully

Chronic inflammation not only causes pain and stiffness, it devastates your joint cartilage. It actually blocks your body’s ability to repair your joints and make new joint cartilage.

Impressive research published in the journal Osteoarthritis Cartilage showed that curcumin actually stops the breakdown of joint cartilage caused by inflammation. 18 By contrast, NSAIDS (such as ibuprofen) can actually harm the healing process

That’s why with Curcumin Total Vitality you get an extremely safe, effective and drugfree approach to both relieve pain and help you maintain the long-term comfortable functioning of your joints.19

In contrast to other pain relievers, curcumin has no risky or unpredictable side effects that can upset your stomach or digestion. Curcumin is safe, even at doses up to 8,000 mg. a day.20

In fact, scientists have shown that curcumin will help your stomach create more of the beneficial natural protective substances that shield it from stomach acid.21

Thanks to Curcumin Total Vitality, patients who tell me that “nearly every joint aches” now report that they are:

- Climbing stairs with ease, comfort, and confidence…

-Feeling like their joints, tendons and ligaments are many years younger!
-Planning an extra round of golf, a long vacation, or a larger garden…
-Able to stand or walk for long periods of time with ease…

Curcumin Memory Advantage:

Revitalize Your Memory with “Miracle-GRO® for the Brain”

  Finding it hard to remember details of conversations or to recall names of people you’ve known for years? Or would you just like to make your memory sharper and help ensure it stays sharp?

  Then you should know that curcumin is one of the most exciting natural discoveries that scientists have ever made for brain and memory health.
  Brain researchers have noticed that India has the world’s lowest rate of memory problems. In fact, people in India age 70–79 are 4.4 times less likely to have serious memory issues than Americans are.22 Many experts believe a key reason is that Indians eat turmeric (and curcumin) at almost every meal.

Spine, Shoulder, Hip, Knee, Hand Pain All Down Dramatically

  Emerging research shows that curcumin boosts levels of a unique growth hormone that preserves the health, function and replication of brain cells. This miraculous hormone is called “Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor” (BDNF). Scientists believe that increasing BDNF can delay or even reverse memory loss, improve brain functioning, and perhaps even make us smarter.23
   “BDNF makes brain cells grow more quickly and develop stronger connections, in essence making it the “Miracle-GRO® of the brain,” says

Helps Clear Away Brain “Plaque”

  Brain scientists are raving about curcumin because it’s uniquely effective at cleansing the brain. It helps remove or neutralize free radicals, heavy metals, and “gunk” (called beta amyloid plaque) that may contribute to memory loss.25
  A study by researchers in the Department of Neurology at UCLA Medical School shows that curcumin helps clear away brain plaque by boosting special cells in your immune system that remove memory-robbing debris from the brain. So your memory stays sharper.26
  These benefits are why many researchers believe that curcumin is one of the best things you can possibly do to maintain your memory and support your brain health. In fact, some small studies have shown that curcumin can even help patients with severe cognitive decline see substantial improvements in just three months.27

Curcumin Total Vitality Will Help You Enjoy:
-A Sharper Memory;
-Focused Concentration;
-Clear Thinking;
-Better Moods;
-Mental Energy & Stamina.

  This natural breakthrough can help boost your brain today and ensure that memory loss and mental decline won’t be part of growing older for you.

Curcumin Cardio Advantage:

Get the Heart-Health Benefits of Exercise WITHOUT THE SWEAT!

  More than 300 years ago, the famous English physician Thomas Sydenham, said “A man is as old as his arteries.” Healthy arteries and good blood flow to all areas of your body are absolutely essential for a long, healthy life.
  Many of the symptoms we blame on aging are actually caused by poor blood flow. But when you maintain healthy blood flow your body can nourish all of your billions of cells, bringing vital oxygen and nutrients and removing waste products. This is critical for both the arteries that flow to your heart and brain and for the countless tiny capillaries that help you maintain your vision, wrinkle-free skin, and healthy hair.
  Here’s just one example of curcumin’s artery opening power…

Boosts Cardiovascular Health As Effectively As EXERCISING FOR 30 MINUTES THREE TIMES PER WEEK!

  A remarkable study published recently in the journal Nutrition Research revealed that curcumin is as effective as 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise three times a week in improving the health and function of arteries. So if you don’t like exercise, or can’t seem to get around to it, curcumin’s ability to give you the same heart-health benefits of hitting the treadmill is big news!28
  Researchers have often joked that if they could

put the benefits of exercise in a pill it would be one of the biggest blockbuster drugs ever created. This study shows that curcumin is the next best thing!
  Other research shows that curcumin can help you maintain:

-Healthy Blood Pressure: A placebo-controlled study published in the American Journal of Hypertension showed that curcumin can help reduce systolic blood pressure.29

-Lower Cholesterol: Research shows that curcumin can reduce total cholesterol levels by 12%.30 Even more amazing are curcumin’s effects on the most dangerous kind called “oxidized cholesterol.” Studies show that curcumin helps reduce the factors that cause oxidized cholesterol by an amazing 33%!31

-Healthy Blood Sugar Levels: A clinical study published in Diabetes Care, the journal of the American Diabetes Association, revealed that curcumin was 100% successful at helping prediabetic patients keep their blood sugar levels from becoming serious.32

Curcumin Total Health Advantage:

Solve Many Other Tough Health Problems

  Because of curcumin’s amazing power as an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and overall rejuvenator, its health benefits extend to virtually every part of your body. Clinical research has shown how curcumin can also help you support and maintain:

-Healthy, Younger-Looking Skin: Research published in Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology showed that curcumin relieves inflammation of the skin and accelerates healing.33

-Sharper Vision: Curcumin helps support healthy circulation in tiny blood vessels, such as those in the macular portion of the eyes.34

-Healthy Digestion: A clinical study published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine showed that curcumin cut symptoms of irritable bowel by 53%.36

-Stronger Bones: A pilot study published in the European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences showed that curcumin can increase bone density by up to 21% after 24 weeks.37

-Happier Moods: Research published in the Journal of Affective Disorders showed that curcumin significantly outperformed a placebo for boosting moods for people with diagnosed mood disorders.38

Research-Proven Breakthrough Boosts Bioavailability by 2,000%!

Curcumin Total Vitality contains Super Curcumin 95, a much more powerful and more absorbable form of curcumin. We also added Bioperine,® an extract ofPiper nigrumthat is patented for its unique formulation. Doubleblind clinical studies show Bioperine helps your body absorb 2,000% more curcumin compared to curcumin without this technology!39 Plus you get…

32 TIMES Higher Potency

  Many brands contain relatively little curcumin. Some give you only 33%–45%! By contrast, Curcumin Total Vitality gives you Super Curcumin 95, with 95% pure curcumin. This is up to 32 times greater concentration than in standard turmeric, which has only about 3% curcuminoids! Super Curcumin 95 gives you the highest concentration available anywhere.

Medical Doctor + Hospital Pharmacist =
“Master Formulator” of Nutritional Supplements

Early in his career, Dr. Blyweiss was the lead pharmacist in a major south Florida hospital for 3 years… formulating and compounding all the prescription medications, IVs, antibiotics, and other drugs used by the hospital’s doctors and surgeons.

  Dr. Blyweiss tutored these doctors on how to use the drugs, along with their side effects, interactions, and their “mechanism of action.”

  Dr. Blyweiss is one of the few MDs who truly understands how nutrients interact with each other, and how to create balanced formulas that really work.
  Dr. Blyweiss knows, for example, you need more than just curcumin if you want an anti-aging formula to really work. Curcumin needs a proven “delivery system” or you won’t feel a difference. And using curcumin on its own is a waste of your time and money… something many doctors overlook.

  That’s why his Curcumin Total Vitality formula is more comprehensive and wellplanned than anything you’ll find anywhere else.

  Today, Dr. Blyweiss is one of the best qualified and most talented nutritional supplement formulators in the U.S., and Curcumin Total Vitality is his “go to” solution for his patients in his South Florida practice. 

  Here’s the bottom line: Curcumin Total Vitality gets results and is a formula you can trust. Try Curcumin Total Vitality RISK FREE today

  Combine the 32 times higher curcumin levels with the 20 times higher bioavailability from the patented piperine extract and you get…


  This means much more of curcumin’s amazing healing and revitalizing power reaches your cells where it does its unique work of making you feel great again. These innovations transform a wonderful healing food into what I believe is the single best thing you can take for your health.
  But Curcumin Total Vitality gives you much more. You also get…

Natural Relief for Feeling “Tired and Wired”

  Imagine, one natural herb clinically proven in double-blind, placebo-controlled medical studies to help people enjoy:

-44% less stress;
-69% less anxiety plus improved sleep;
-79% better mood;
-27% lower cortisol levels.

  These amazing results were achieved by this next Total Vitality secret. It’s the herb ashwagandha.

  Ever have those times when you feel exhausted, but still can’t rest? It’s an epidemic today. People feel both “tired and wired” at the same time. They

  drag during the day, but then can’t sleep well at night. They need caffeine and sugar to keep them going during the day and then need something to help them sleep at night.


  In the medical tradition of India, people have revered ashwagandha for thousands of years. Today numerous double-blind, placebo controlled clinical studies have confirmed its unique ability to help people solve many different health issues.
  Because it’s such a powerful, all-around revitalizer, ashwagandha is hailed as one of the top herbs in all of Ayurvedic medicine. Indian traditional medicine holds that taking the herb helps impart the “strength and vitality of a stallion” because of its many rejuvenating effects on the body

The Ancient Herbal Secret of “AMPLIFIED BALANCE”

  Ashwagandha is an “adaptogen.” It boosts energy in areas of the body that are weak and reduces energy to those areas that are too agitated or stressed.
  If a part of your body is too active, it calms it. If a part is underactive, it invigorates it. This means that ashwagandha helps you feel energized and focused during the day, but then relaxed at night so you enjoy restful, healing sleep.
  A key principle of Ayurvedic medicine is “strength induces calm.” This explains ashwagandha’s ability to provide “amplified balance.”

Mayo Clinic Warns:  “Chronic stress can wreak havoc on your mind and body.”

  As the famed Mayo Clinic notes, “The long-term activation of the stress-response system—and the subsequent overexposure to cortisol and other stress hormones—can disrupt almost all your body’s processes. This puts you at increased risk of numerous health problems…” 40
  Up to 80% of all doctor’s visits are stress

related, according to research published in JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association. 41

Stress Causes High-Speed Aging

  Research by the University of California San Francisco showed how stress actually accelerates the aging process.42
  The researchers compared the genes of people under high stress with people under normal stress. At the genetic level it was as if the high-stress people had endured 10 years of additional aging, compared to the normal-stress group!43
  Your adrenal glands release stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. They marshal all of

your body’s resources to protect you from danger.
  These hormones can save your life —if you need to run away from an angry bear. But if your stress hormones are constantly overactive, they can cause one problem after another. This is because stress hormones cause your body to shut down other critical functions that help revitalize you, such as producing healthy new cells, healthy hair, or healthy new skin.

How Stress Wreaks Havoc on Your Most Crucial Hormones

  When you’re under stress, the hormone cortisol can override the function of many of your body’s systems. It’s designed to raise your blood

The Longevity Breakthrough that WON THE NOBEL PRIZE!

Scientists believe that one of the keys to extending human lifespan will ultimately involve restoring people’s telomeres. Telomeres are the protective endcaps on chromosomes. They are often likened to the plastic ends on shoelaces that prevent the shoelace from unraveling. In this case, telomeres protect the chromosome from unraveling and losing the integrity of the DNA to make healthy new cells. You see, each time one of your cells replicates, its telomeres get shorter. Eventually, the telomeres wear away and the cell can no longer make healthy new copies of itself. Telomere shortening is a key cause of aging at the cellular level. Scientists have also shown it’s a risk factor for poor immune function, unhealthy cell division, inflammation, memory loss, and other symptoms of aging.44 But thank goodness, scientists have discovered a substance that can actually regrow your telomeres. It’s called telomerase. The discovery of telomerase was such a breakthrough that it earned the Nobel Prize in Medicine!

The ingredients in Curcumin Total Vitality help keep you younger in two vital ways:

1. Curcumin Helps Lengthen Your Telomeres:

In a medical study, researchers looked at curcumin’s effects on human brain cells. The results showed that curcumin helped boost telomerase levels, prevented telomere shortening, and lengthened the telomeres.


A study published in Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology showed ashwagandha’s effects on telomerase in living cells. The cells treated with ashwagandha extract increased their telomerase levels by an amazing 45%!47 By preserving and lengthening your telomeres you get many more fresh new cells so your body stays younger and performs better. Curcumin Total Vitality gives you both of these amazing longevity boosters in one economical formula!

Try Curcumin Total Vitality RISK-FREE! Just Call TollFree 1-800-462-9654 Today!

Age-Reversing Breakthroughs

sugar, boost your blood pressure and channel your body’s functions so you have the strength and energy to fight or flee.
  This occurs through the hypothalamic-pituitaryadrenal (HPA) axis (a central hormone pathway), which includes your hypothalamus, pituitary gland, and adrenal glands.
  There’s more: The HPA axis also plays key roles in regulating energy, reproductive health, heart health, memory and more. Plus, it has a huge influence over other hormone levels such as thyroid hormones, testosterone for men and estrogen for women.
  Here’s where ashwagandha comes to the rescue: It has a unique ability to help your body naturally correct any hormonal imbalances.48 Instead of simply replacing hormones (such as taking thyroid hormones) ashwagandha helps balance your body with your own natural hormones. This is a far more effective approach for real long-term results for improving your energy, stamina, and memory and keeping you younger longer.
  By balancing and regulating the entire hypothalamicpituitary-adrenal axis,49 ashwagandha can help you:

-Balance Either Low or Overactive Thyroid: One of the most incredible powers of ashwagandha is that it can help people with both hypo- and hyper- thyroid issues. This can be a much more effective long-term approach than taking added hormones because your body is likely to simply adjust to the added hormones by making less of your natural ones.50

-Reverse Adrenal Fatigue: If your adrenal glands are overtaxed due to excess emotional, physical and mental stress, you can suffer a condition called adrenal fatigue. This causes an imbalance in hormones such as cortisol. It can leave you feeling tired when you wake up and during the day, then feeling “wired” at night when you should calm down naturally for sleep. Ashwagandha helps solve the root cause of adrenal fatigue.

-Reduce Pain by 30%! A placebo-controlled study showed that 250 mg. of ashwagandha extract helped significantly reduce pain, stiffness

and disability in people with knee joint pain. The people taking the ashwagandha enjoyed nearly a 30% reduction in knee pain!51

-Boost Muscle Strength up to 74%! Staying active and independent in your senior years depends upon keeping your muscle strength. In a placebo-controlled study, men who’d not previously done any weight training took either ashwagandha or a placebo and then did weightlifting for eight weeks. Those taking ashwagandha could bench press an average of 101 pounds versus just 58 pounds for the placebo group—an increase of 74%!52

(Continued on next page…)

-Increase Cardiorespiratory Fitness up to 304%! In a placebo-controlled study, two groups of athletic adults ran a series of sprints daily. After 12 weeks the group taking the ashwagandha showed a 304% increase in cardiorespiratory endurance over the placebo group!

From Anxiety and Stress to RELAXED, ALERT ALL-DAY ENERGY!

  In other clinical research, ashwagandha was shown to help people:

-Reduce Anxiety by 56.5%: Researchers compared ashwagandha’s ability to reduce anxiety to psychotherapy’s. The group taking ashwagandha saw their anxiety plummet by 56.5% versus only 30.5% for psychotherapy!54

-Decrease Stress by 44%: Test volunteers took either ashwagandha or a placebo, and then researchers measured their stress on the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS). The ashwagandha group saw a 44.0% drop in stress compared to only a 5.5% drop in the placebo group.55

-Lower Cortisol Levels by 27.9%: A study of people with chronic mental stress tested 300 mg. of ashwagandha extract versus a placebo for 60 days. The group taking the ashwagandha reduced their cortisol levels by 27.9% vs. just 7.9% for the placebo.56

From Exhausted and Overwhelmed to Energized, Focused, and Calm

  Discover the amazing power of “amplified balance” in your life. You’ll enjoy higher energy, sharper focus, and more relaxation at the same time. Getting your body’s systems working in balanced harmony is the real secret to a healthy, active, independent, and joyful life.
  But please don’t confuse the ashwagandha extract in Curcumin Total Vitality with ordinary, generic ashwagandha. Curcumin Total Vitality gives you a unique ashwagandha extract that provides 800% more of the key active ingredients than are found in the raw herb.

  And that’s not all. Curcumin Total Vitality also gives you...

The Viking Secret for Energy, Strength & Stamina

Your body’s energy level is critical to everything you do. It’s the foundation of your ability to stay active and independent. It

powers your zest for life and your capacity to make a contribution. Abundant energy separates those who get out and enjoy life from those who just sit in their chair and watch life go by.
  Your body’s energy level also powers your body’s ability to heal and regenerate itself, so you stay biologically younger.
  That’s why this next herbal secret is so amazing. It literally helps your body generate more energy!
  It’s called rhodiola. It’s a unique herb that grows at high altitudes in the arctic areas of Eastern Europe and Asia.

Ancient Healing Wisdom Now CONFIRMED IN 300 RESEARCH STUDIES! 57

  For centuries, rhodiola was a “secret weapon” of the Vikings. They relied on it to increase their legendary endurance, physical strength, and stamina.58 It helped them survive long voyages across the North Sea in open boats in sub-freezing weather.
National Geographic magazine reports that Russian researchers have done extensive research on rhodiola noting its ability to improve work performance, relieve insomnia, reduce fatigue, and increase athletic endurance. Today, rhodiola is widely used in Russia and Scandinavia to fight fatigue, increase concentration, boost memory and enhance strength and overall vitality.

The Energy and Performance Secret of Olympic Athletes and Astronauts

During the Cold War, Soviet athletes used

rhodiola to gain an essential edge in the Olympic Games. This is why many of the early research studies by Soviet scientists were kept top secret.59 Now, at last, these secrets are revealed. Western doctors have gained access to this extensive research on rhodiola’s ability to boost physical and mental performance.
  Like ashwagandha, rhodiola is an adaptogen. It helps your body create energy even when you’re under stress.60 This is why the Soviets gave rhodiola to their astronauts to help them perform optimally even though they’re dealing with intense danger, lack of sleep, and many other stresses of space travel on their bodies.

Boosts Mental Performance by 20%!

  Rhodiola is shown to reduce mental fatigue and improve mental performance even under very stressful conditions. This was demonstrated in a study on medical doctors.
  For the study, healthy physicians working long, stressful hospital shifts took 170 mg. of rhodiola or a placebo daily for two weeks. Then they took various tests designed to indicate their overall levels of mental fatigue. The group taking rhodiola improved their test scores by 20%!61

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“Sharp Mind for Peak Performance” Says Ivy League M.D.

  Richard Brown, M.D., professor of psychiatry at Columbia University, says rhodiola has unique power to “enhance the healing properties of one’s own nervous system.” 62
  “One of the great things about rhodiola is that it is both calming and stimulating,” Dr. Brown states. “Usually an herb or drug works only in one direction. Valium, for example, calms your brain but also makes it dull. Rhodiola, in contrast, calms the emotional system and yet is activating and energizing for the brain’s cognitive functions.” 63
  “To have these two benefits at the same time is quite unusual in nature,” Dr. Brown adds. “Rhodiola gets rid of the stress that often interferes with concentration and focus, but leaves your mind sharp and able to perform at its peak. Once people become aware of this herb, it will be very popular.” 64

“THE MAGIC BULLET” for Relieving Fatigue

  In her landmark book The Rhodiola Revolution, Dr. Patricia L. Gerbarg, MD, a graduate of Harvard Medical School and professor of psychiatry at New York Medical College says, “For any patient who has a problem with fatigue— almost regardless of the cause—rhodiola can be like the magic bullet. I’ve had cases of amazing recovery with rhodiola, a lot of [tough-to-solve] symptoms—loss of energy, loss of strength, their brain slows down—these will improve quickly and dramatically with rhodiola.” 65


  Each cell in your body contains between 500 and 2,000 tiny energy generators called mitochondria.
  Between the ages of 40 and 70 the average person loses HALF of his or her mitochondria capacity. This means that your body and brain could be running on only 50% of the energy you enjoyed at age 40. No wonder folks feel tired! But thankfully, Rhodiola is…

A Unique Natural Solution for this HUMAN ENERGY CRISIS!

  Thanks to this amazing herb you can increase the number, size, and the power output of these energy generators!
  Rhodiola is shown to boost the function of your cells’ “power plants” in unique ways. First, it promotes higher levels of ATP and creatine phosphate in your mitochondria. This is the key to generating more energy at the cellular level!66
  What’s more, rhodiola can actually help your cells create more mitochondria! A study published in Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity showed that one of the key nutrients in rhodiola significantly increases what scientists call “mitochondrial biogenesis.” In other words, your cells will grow more and bigger and betterfunctioning mitochondria.67
  The end result is more energy for everything you want to do. This isn’t just “borrowing” energy (as caffeine and other stimulants do) only to feel a “crash” later. Instead, it’s generating MORE energy for now and all day long!
  You’ll enjoy calm, focused energy for making new cells and regenerating aging cells. The end result: A newer, younger-feeling, more energized YOU!

A “SUPERHERB” Hailed As the World’s “Single Most Beneficial Medicinal Plant”

  Fox News health reporter Chris Kilham, best known as the “Medicine Hunter,” calls rhodiola the “single most beneficial medicinal plant in the world. If people will take an effective dose of real standardized rhodiola extract,” he reports, “they will experience an effect. They won’t say, ‘Gee, yeah, I think it’s doing something.’ They’ll experience something.”68

50% Better Mood

  A placebo-controlled study published in the Nordic Journal of Psychiatry showed that taking rhodiola significantly help reduce the symptoms of depression in persons diagnosed with it. Improvements ranged from 35% – 50%.69
  Research shows that rhodiola boosts levels of beneficial brain chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine and endorphins.70 It helps you stay alert and energized while remaining calm and focused as well!

  The Rhodiola in Curcumin Total Vitality Will Help You:

-Gain Strength & Stamina;

-Feel Awake and Focused
  in a Whole New Way;
-Boost Your Mental Clarity;
  Enjoy All-Day Energy: Unlike caffeine, which can leave you jittery and make you “crash” later, you’ll actually make more energy at the cellular level!

Start Growing Biologically Younger Today

Could folks who are achy, fatigued, and mentally fuzzy suddenly enjoy pain-free joints, sharper memory, and abundant energy like they had many years ago?
  For my patients who’ve tried Curcumin Total Vitality, the answer is a loud and unequivocal, YES! People like you are now reimagining the possibilities of their senior years. They’re enjoying having energy to spare—even after a busy day. They’re planning trips and taking on new projects. They’re enjoying happier lives, having more fun, exercising, doing volunteer work, and sharing the joy with those they love.
  So if you’re suffering from pain, fatigue, low energy, fuzzy thinking, poor memory… you’ve got to try this! The opportunity this revolutionary new approach offers to my patients brings joy to my heart. After all, to change peoples’ lives for the better like this is the reason I became a doctor. So I’m telling everyone I can reach about this natural breakthrough

Are You Ready for Life-Changing Results?

  Curcumin Total Vitality is unlike any other health supplement you’ve ever tried. By enhancing and balancing your body’s key systems, it’s a total health tune-up like nothing else you’ve ever experienced. 
  Imagine, for less than the cost of one cup of coffee per day, you can be enjoying the real energy and

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revitalization that these amazing natural adaptogens offer for virtually all aspects of your life

Only Curcumin Total Vitality Has This Unique “Dream Team” Formula:

-Supercharged Curcumin:
You’ll naturally switch OFF chronic inflammation and reverse this root cause of aging. You’ll enjoy dramatically less joint pain and stiffness, sharper memory, and better cardiovascular health. With this uniquely effective form of curcumin, you’ll help renew, repair and revitalize every aspect of your health right down to the cellular level

-Amplified Ashwagandha Extract: This amazing adaptogen naturally balances your body’s hormone systems. It creates “amplified balance” to give you relaxed energy, better sleep, and lower stress. You’ll help reverse adrenal fatigue, balance your thyroid, and support proper levels of other vital hormones.

-Concentrated Rhodiola Extract: 
This Viking secret for all-day energy and stamina actually helps your cells create more energy! This means more power for your body and mind all day long. You get all of these remarkable nutrients in concentrated, power- packed extracts. Plus, they’re…


There can be a big difference between the amount of a nutrient a supplement contains and how much of it your body actually absorbs. That’s why Curcumin Total Vitality also includes Bioperine®—a patented extract of black pepper that can dramatically improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients in your digestive tract.

It’s Time to Set Yourself Free

  Now you can put an end to feeling achy, tired, sluggish, and mentally and physically exhausted. Get ready to embrace life on your terms. Stay active and independent. Be free to enjoy all your years with energy and zest for life.

Discover how Curcumin Total Vitality Can Help You Enjoy:

  • A sharp mind, clear thinking, and a steeltrap memory: You’ll be much better able to stay focused, remember names, and recall details of conversations
  • Flexible, pain-free joints: Be better able to walk up stairs, exercise, and handle daily tasks with much less pain and stiffness.
  • All-Day Energy: Enjoy being active all day and then dancing the evening away
  • Strength & stamina like you were many
    years younger!
    Whether it’s an extra nine
    holes of golf or planting a new garden, you’ll
    have the endurance and vigor to handle it
  • Looking and feeling years younger: You’ll help reverse the four major causes of biological aging that cause cell deterioration on the inside and out

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Why Curcumin Total Vitality Works Where Other Remedies Fail

  Unlike other formulas, only Curcumin Total Vitality offers you all this:

-Clinically Tested Ingredients: Curcumin Total Vitality contains natural ingredients that scientists have proven effective in multiple clinical studies.

-Full Spectrum Relief: Curcumin Total Vitality gives you the three best research-proven adaptogenic herbs in one convenient, moneysaving formula.

-Safe and Effective: These natural remedies work with your body to balance and revitalize all of your body’s key systems.

-High Quality, Purity, Potency, and Bioavailability: Each ingredient in Curcumin Total Vitality is tested for quality, potency, and purity. We conduct quality control tests to ensure that each capsule contains the exact ratios of proven ingredients.

  Curcumin Total Vitality Will Help You:

-Reverse Years of Tough-to-Solve Symptoms
-Banish Joint Pain and Stiffness
-Enjoy All-Day Energy
-Keep a Sharp Mind and a Steel-Trap Memory
-Look and Feel Years Younger
-Add Active, Joyous, Years to Your Life!

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Balance and Revitalize Your Body’s Key
Systems for Health, Energy & Longevity

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I have less pain and inflammation

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I am exercising more and spending more time outside gardening

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Fantastic improvement in joint flexibility and great reduction in joint pain!

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David Blyweiss, M.D.

Curcumin Total Vitality is a revolutionary natural formula that will help you feel years younger and healthier. You’re covered by this unique, Triple Guarantee of Satisfaction. This revolutionary new product is guaranteed to help you:


Halt the Root Causes of Aging, Inflammation and Pain: You’ll significantly reduce chronic inflammation—the real cause of so many tough health symptoms often wrongly blamed on aging. You’ll enjoy dramatically less joint pain and stiffness, sharper memory and improved focus, better cardiovascular health. You’ll help renew, repair and revitalize every aspect of your health right down to the cellular level.


Balance Your Hormones and Help Reverse Adrenal Fatigue: You’ll balance your body’s stress response and help create a better balance between your various hormone systems such as thyroid, adrenal, and sex hormones.


Create More Energy & Vitality: Curcumin Total Vitality will help you reverse fatigue and enjoy all-day energy. You’ll supercharge your body’s cellular “power plants,” (mitochondria) found

in each of your cells. Unlike caffeine or other stimulants that borrow energy only to make you “crash” later, you’ll actually create more energy. You’ll notice the difference in your vitality and stamina which will be like you enjoyed many years ago

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