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David Blyweiss, MD

Did Captain James Cook Discover the Secret
to Lasting Joint Relief? Scientists Say YES!

"Forgotten" 250-Year-Old Remedy
Eliminates Decades Of
Stiffness and Discomfort
in as Little as 7 Days

World renowned British explorer and master cartographer Captain James Cook made an astounding discovery when he made "first contact" with the native Maori people of New Zealand in 1769...

Disembarking from the legendary HMS Endeavor, Captain Cook witnessed something extraordinary: The “elderly” natives had the mobility, strength, and flexibility of the natives in their 20s... and they lived almost completely PAIN FREE.

Today, we have the technology to bring you the painkilling power behind this historic discovery... helping you soothe even the most stubborn pain!

Discover the Pioneering MD who broke the “pain barrier” and his #1 recommendation for silencing your own chronic pain in as little as 7 days...

Captain Cook's Discovery Soothes
Your Aching Joints and Everyday Pains

Dear Friend,

On the afternoon of October 6, 1769, a young boy perched atop the mast of the HMS Endeavor shouted the words Captain James Cook had been waiting to hear for 14 long months...

Land, ho!

Peering through his binoculars, the famed British explorer saw smoke plumes billowing up in the distance. That could only mean one thing: The island they were approaching was inhabited.

Two days later, when the Endeavor's anchor splashed down into the pristine waters of Poverty Bay off the eastern coast of New Zealand, the captain and a handful of his men boarded two canoes and paddled towards the shore.

As they drew closer to the island, Cook could see what looked like young warriors along the shoreline: Strapping young men climbing trees... scaling the rocky cliffs that lined the coast... fishing in the surf...

When he reached the shallows, Cook stepped out of his canoe. The natives gathered on the beach, curious about their light-skinned visitors.

Captain Cook Had a Stunning Realization...

Many of the “strapping young men” he had seen from a distance weren't young men at all...

Some appeared to be in their 60s or 70s... some even older.

Their faces were a dead giveaway.

But their bodies? They were strong and agile. Lithe and limber.

They moved like people half their age.

These elderly natives (both men AND women) looked nothing like the elderly Europeans back home who were plagued with aches and pains and stiffness.

Cook even wrote about his astonishment in his diaries, saying, “none of (the old men) were decrepit!”

Of course, we now know that these natives were the indigenous Maori tribe of New Zealand.

And although Cook didn't know it then, by making this “first contact” with the Maori, he had just stumbled upon one of the greatest medical discoveries of all time...

A natural painkiller that keeps joints young... supple... flexible... and helps you stay active and mobile well into “old age.”

Captain Cook Discovers Secret “Maori Miracle”

Cook's main goal for the historic voyage was gathering as much information as he could about previously uncharted lands in the Pacific.

One of the most famous and talented cartographers in history, Cook mapped New Zealand almost perfectly.

But his expedition party also included two naturalists, Joseph Banks and James Solander, who documented every plant, fish, and animal they found in this magical new land.

One of the most unusual discoveries they made was a mysterious “Emerald Oyster.” The Maori called it kuku kukutai matomato.

They were everywhere. They washed up on the shoreline daily, like an endless gift from the sea.

These dazzling oysters were a staple of the Maori diet. The Maori believed the bright green shellfish had magical powers that kept their bodies “warrior strong” for eternity.

Cook and his men were skeptical that these small shellfish could have such a profound effect on the human body. How could an “Emerald Oyster” make life seemingly pain-free for anyone who consumed them?

They were more inclined to believe the Maori were a superhuman race.

This is Where the Story Gets Really Interesting...

Cook and his crew didn't stick around Poverty Bay for long. They sailed around New Zealand and ventured further inland.

And encountered more Maori.

But these inland natives looked nothing like the Maori that lived along the coast.

The elderly Maori who had no access to the coast were just as old and decrepit as you'd expect... riddled with the aches, stiffness, and lack of flexibility associated with aging.

They walked stiffly and slowly, and they certainly weren't “warrior strong.”

The secret to the coastal natives' superior flexibility, agility, and mobility was indeed the “Emerald Oyster,” later identified as the mollusk Perna canaliculus.

In this special report, I'm going to show you how to use this very same discovery to...

Eliminate Decades of Stiffness and
Discomfort in a Matter of Days

Hi, my name is Dr. David Blyweiss.

There's an important reason I'm sharing this story with you today...

Although I'm a conventionally trained doctor, I'm one of the first certified specialists in Functional Medicine in the United States.

That means I'm also a doctor who knows that sometimes you need to think “outside the box” in order to provide the best care for your patients.

You see, in more than 35 years of practicing medicine, I've seen the limitations of conventional medicine's answers to today's health problems — especially when it comes to everyday discomfort and lack of flexibility associated with age.

Now, don't get me wrong. I sometimes use conventional medicine to treat my patients. But only when it makes sense.

Truth is, I've heard so many of Big Pharma's empty promises. (You probably have, too.) And I've seen them fail to deliver on those promises time and time again.

But most importantly, I've seen my patients struggle with the aging process and lose the mobility and freedom they once had.

The kind of pain that makes simple, everyday tasks seem impossible.

Meet Dr. David Blyweiss

Dr. David Blyweiss was one of the first integrative MDs in the country, and a pioneer of functional medicine. But his career didn't start off that way.

After going through a serious illness that included chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, Dr. Blyweiss realized chronic diseases are not caused by a single problem, and that mainstream drug treatments consistently fail.

This was the turning point that led him to an integrative approach, combining the most effective elements of functional medicine, orthomolecular nutrition, and nutrigenomics.

And Dr. Blyweiss had some of the best teachers and mentors...

During medical school, he had the privilege of studying under two-time Nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling, the man who championed the use of high-dose vitamin C to reverse cancer.

As a result of his unique education and his own experience overcoming chronic disease, Dr. Blyweiss has a talent for finding natural solutions for tough medical problems.

Throughout his four-decade career, Dr. Blyweiss has worked with the World Health Organization (WHO) and travelled the world with teams of specialists to investigate new natural treatments.

He's also the editor of Advanced Natural Wellness and runs a thriving medical practice in South Florida. Using his own experience and proven approach, he helps patients find solutions even when nothing else helps.

Dr. Blyweiss creates natural breakthroughs by combining his own insights into joint health with the finest clinically tested natural remedies.

I see new patients every week who've “tried everything” without getting any relief. They're shut down... they've given up... they're desperate and defeated...

It's as if they're locked in a prison... with no chance of escape.

I know conventional medicine's solutions have let them down. And I offer them solutions that work.

Thanks to Captain Cook's 250-year-old discovery — combined with modern technology — I keep my patients “warrior strong” by harnessing this untapped joint-supporting power.

You see, I'm also an expert in nutritional medicine.

That counts for a lot in joint health, because nutrient-based solutions remain the #1 way for most people to improve their joints so they can kick up their heels and really live again.

Especially now, since...

We're Finally Getting to the Truth About
The Maori's Legendary “Emerald Oyster”

Today we can put to rest the depressing myth that sore joints, stiffness, and loss of mobility are just a part of growing older.

You can do much better than that.

You can support smooth, healthy joints that feel young and limber.

Thomas J


You can be like Thomas J. of California, who raves about his, “noticeable increase in flexibility in both my right knee and hip.”*

Matti H.


Or Matti H. of Finland, who writes, “My lower back is feeling great...the effects were in full power in two weeks!”*

Devinder S.


Or Devinder S. of India, who says, “I am feeling better. My joint discomfort has improved a lot... results are good. I am happy!*

But you have to take the first step yourself and...

Start Saving Your Joints Now...
While You Still Have Time!

Modern science now confirms that the Maori's magic mussel contains a unique compound that:

  • Improves daily discomfort by as much as 89%...
  • Soothes the minor irritations that causes achy joints and stiffness...
  • Reduces muscle damage caused by exercise, so you recover more quickly...
  • And increases mobility and flexibility, so you can get back to living the life you want.

I've seen it myself in hundreds of patients in their 70s, 80s, and even 90s.

I've seen their stiffness and frustration disappear in a matter of days. I've seen them go back to enjoying the things they did when they were decades younger.

And I've watched them as they've regained control of their lives.

“This is a Real Solution and it Just Works...
The Others Did Not!”

Just imagine finding a joint-support solution that works head-and-shoulders above everything else you've tried.

One that provides a lot of relief — just like it did for Cheryl, Barry, Russell, and thousands of other people from coast to coast.

Would that be a game-changer for you? You bet it would.

After all, a “little” relief doesn't go far enough when your joints hurt.

There's golf to play and a swing to improve. Barbeques to enjoy with family and friends. Shopping trips to find that perfect pair of shoes.

There's tennis, gardening, hiking, biking, fishing — so many rewarding activities that let you make the most of every day!

You Want Your Vital, Active Life Back...
Sitting Still is Not An Option!

You need support that's fast, safe, and effective — without the potential risks of taking too many drugstore pills.

In fact, you need more than relief. You need joints that actually “work” like they did 10, 20, even 30 years ago — just the way nature intended.

And that's the promise of this legendary joint support innovation.

Starting in a few short weeks, you'll discover...

You Can Turn Back the Clock and
Regain Your Freedom, Too...

And it's much easier than you think.

I'll show you how to get the exciting benefits of the amazing “Emerald Oyster.” Just like my patients have.

But I take it a step further.

You see, before I was a doctor, I was the resident pharmacist in one of the biggest hospitals in New York City. This gives me a unique perspective in two ways...

People of All Ages, From All Walks of Life,
Are LOVING the Results They're Getting...

Cheryl B. of New York started feeling the beneficial effects in less than two weeks. She writes: “This actually works for me! I have more comfort, mobility, and flexibility in my knees.

Now Cheryl can walk up stairs easier. She's even started exercising.

Barry G. of Michigan was recovering from rotator cuff surgery: “I tried it for my shoulder and I still take it 6 months later. It started working in about a week. I would not want to be without it!

Russell P. of California gets right to the point: “It has worked much better than anything else I have tried... which were many until I found this.

First, I understand the chemical concoctions and formulations of Big Pharma's drugs. I understand WHY they don't work and what they're really doing to your body.

But I also understand how natural compounds work together to maximize results.

And I've combined some of the latest breakthroughs in natural support with the “Emerald Oyster” to deliver a supplement that's guaranteed to make you lithe, limber and “warrior strong”... just like the Maori.

You see, there's compelling evidence that what Captain Cook witnessed on the shoreline of New Zealand was no fluke.

In fact, scientists and researchers from NASA uncovered the real secrets behind this “Maori Miracle.”

The incredible healing secret of the Maori's “Emerald Oyster” can be traced to an oily substance it produces called furan fatty acids.

These unique fatty acids support a calming and soothing effect throughout your entire body...

And that lubricating effect is CRITICAL for healthy joints.

NASA Researchers “Re-Discover”
Centuries-Old Maori Joint Comfort Secret

Despite its incredible ability to make you feel young and limber, the “Emerald Oyster” discovered by Captain Cook and his crew was all but forgotten for nearly two centuries.

But then — in the late 1960s and early ‘70s — researchers at NASA began scouring the globe for natural compounds that could help in the fight against cancer.

One of the compounds they looked at was the “Emerald Oyster,” only found in the crystal-clear coastal waters of New Zealand.

Unfortunately, lab tests at the time didn't show any known anti-cancer properties. And the patients who took the “Emerald Oyster” didn't see an improvement in their cancer.

But the researchers at NASA discovered something remarkable.

The cancer patients who also had arthritis showed an incredible level of comfort and new-found freedom.

They also had an INCREASE in mobility.

Their cancer didn't go away, but their all their complaints seemed to vanish.

And subsequent lab tests confirmed that the Maori “miracle mollusk” had a remarkable ability to soothe minor irritations.

Since then, the research into Captain Cook's historical discovery from New Zealand continues to provide proof that the “Emerald Oyster”...

  • Beats back pain and stiffness associated with exercise...
  • Improves flexibility and mobility...
  • And helps you maintain whole-body comfort.

The research backs me up on this...

Furan Fatty Acids are
the Unique Joint Supporter
Captain Cook Discovered

During His Expedition

I'm willing to bet that your doctor never told you about furan fatty acids — or why they're a must-have for people who need additional joint support.

Truth is, most doctors don't know anything about them... they're never mentioned in medical school. That's why my functional medicine background is so critical to my practice.

It gives me access to solutions conventional doctors just don't have.

You see, when the furan fatty acids that come from New Zealand's “Emerald Oyster” are added to a nutritional supplement, they're known as GLM extract.

This particular extract is a true powerhouse for improving mobility, flexibility, and that feeling of being “light on your feet.”

In fact, people who take GLM extract on a daily basis can see as much as 89% boost in their comfort levels.

In a study published in the monthly peer-reviewed journal Marine Drugs, researchers looked at 50 men and women over the age of 50.

Half were given GLM extract, while the other half took fish oil. After just 12 weeks, the patients taking GLM extract showed significant improvements in comfort and mobility.

The fish oil group did not.

Researchers then stopped giving fish oil to the second group and gave them GLM extract instead.

Within days, they started showing the same improvements as the group that was taking the GLM extract all along!

By the end of the study, 9 out of 10 patients reported a major boost in comfort and joint support — and more than 90% said their quality of life improved!

Up to 350 TIMES More Powerful
Than Fish Oil for Joint Pain

GLM is classified as a marine oil because it comes from the sea.

But don't mistake it for stinky old “fish oil.”

It's up to 350 times more effective at supporting healthy joints than regular fish oil.

In one groundbreaking study, participants who took GLM extract were shown to have increased their joint support by up to 91% over a control group who did NOT receive the extract.

Now let's look at how GLM stacks up against other oils with proven track records for treating joint pain and arthritis:

GLM is clinically proven to be:

  • 350 times more potent than salmon oil
  • 350 times more potent than evening primrose oil
  • 400 times more potent than flaxseed oil

No Tummy Upset... Ever!

And as a bonus I'm sure you'll appreciate, GLM doesn't cause the troubling and sometimes serious gastrointestinal discomfort that patients often experience when taking something new (or even supplements like fish oil).

Instead, it actually improves mild symptoms in patients who occasionally have GI distress!

GLM Extract “Lubricates” Your Joints...
And It Won't Upset Your Stomach

Remember that scene in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy first meets the Tin Man? He's stiff and unable to move... until Dorothy takes the little oil can and lubricates his sore tin knees and elbows.

Do you remember that look of relief on his face... how he lets out a deep sigh of relief as he stretches out his creaky legs?

That's what GLM can do for YOUR joints!

GLM is Packed with the “Building Blocks” of
Cartilage and Synovial Fluid

GLM contains about 17% glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). These unique nutrients are the most critical joint supporters of all — and your joints will just gobble them up.

This high level of GAGs helps repair and maintain your cartilage. It also helps your body replenish synovial fluid, which lubricates joints for better flexibility and cushions them for comfort. [INSERT: Synovial fluid image from Donna's LP.]

GAGs rebuild cartilage better than anything else. But you don't get these powerful joint-supporters in fish oil.

Introducing the Exclusive GLM Formula
I use with My Own Patients...

Something I've discovered in my years of practicing medicine is that most doctors are only treating their patients' symptoms... and not treating their patients.

Here's what I mean...

When a patient comes to me complaining of agonizing joint pain, of course I want to help them.

But what I really want to do is help them live their life with JOY again.

That's the real goal.

I want them to be able to do whatever it is they love to do WITHOUT being hindered by annoying discomfort.

I've had such great success treating my own patients, I wanted to make this formula available to ANYONE struggling with mild joint discomfort.

Especially people like YOU who may not be able to come to my clinic in south Florida.

That's why I developed an affordable joint-saving, joy-restoring formula that my patients swear have turned their lives around...

It's called ArthroCet™.

I firmly believe ArthroCet™'s unique formulation is the most powerful joint support supplement available today.

But don't just take my word for it...

ArthroCet™ is the 
Safest Natural Joint Supporter... 
Proven Effective with My Own Patients

I've had tremendous success treating my patients with the extract from the prized “Emerald Oyster.”

Patients who once struggled to get out of bed are playing golf again...

They're tending to their gardens...

They're keeping up with their grandkids...

They can unload the dishwasher or open a jar with their bare hands...

WITHOUT the constant discomfort and frustration.

I have hundreds of these success stories in my files.

Here are just a few of the many success stories

from people around the country using ArthroCet™ every day:

“I Have More Joint Comfort...”

“Before I could only walk 6,000 to 7,000 steps per day. Now I walk daily up to 15,000 steps without any problem. I have more joint comfort and greater mobility.”*

Otmar Alois Pfeffer // Panama City Beach, FL

“Nothing Compares to ArthroCet™...”

“I have tried many other joint health supplements over the past 20 years. But nothing compares to ArthroCet. It's the only joint health supplement I take for better mobility in active games of badminton. ArthroCet is the only joint health supplement I recommend to my friends. Please send me another six bottles!”*

AH-Swan L.  //  Singapore

“Gives Us the Most Joint Support and Comfort...”

“We have tried a lot of products for years, this seems to be the one that has given us the most joint support and comfort and no side effects.”*

Mary V.//  Michigan

“More Support, Faster...”

“ArthroCet™ seems to provide more relief of pain than other supplements I have tried. More support, faster.”*

John M.  //  Florida

But I wasn't satisfied.

I wanted to deliver even BETTER results for my patients.

And because of the years I spent working as a pharmacist, I knew that the healing furan fatty acids in the Maori “Emerald Oyster” were just the beginning of a complete and comprehensive joint-supporting solution...

So I researched... and experimented... tested and tweaked...

Until I Discovered the Most EFFECTIVE
Combination of Natural Joint Supporters

Along with the extract from the “Emerald Oyster,” I discovered 10 additional natural pain fighters that work synergistically with the “Maori Miracle” to deliver the MAXIMUM joint comfort possible.

It means you're not automatically condemned to joint discomfort, stiffness, and mobility problems as you grow older...

  • ...even if you've been in agony for years
  • ...even if you have a family history
  • ...even if other supplements have failed to provide enough support

The studies show how GLM extract does so much on its own — from soothing and calming joints, to providing the very building blocks of joint support.

And it's even more impressive when you combine it with ArthroCet's second core ingredient:

Proven Joint Supporter #2:
Type II Collagen — The Main Component of Cartilage

Of the 28 types of collagen found in the body, Type II Collagen is the kind you find in joint cartilage. It's the collagen you want if your joints are bugging you.

Type II Collagen is packed to the brim with joint-boosters you've heard about: hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, chondroitin, and 18 amino acid proteins that all promote healthier cartilage and more plentiful synovial fluid.

And it's derived from an honest-to-goodness food source, too — chicken sternum cartilage — and that makes a difference.

That means your body will recognize it as food and absorb these joint-loving nutrients effectively... just as nature intended.

Type II Collagen Blows Glucosamine and
Chondroitin OUT OF THE WATER!

Getting these joint nutrients in their natural form — using collagen as the “delivery vehicle” — is the best way of all. Consider this:

A 2016 University of California trial tested a mere 40 mg daily of Type II Collagen against glucosamine & chondroitin alone (2,700 mg total) over a six-month period — and the collagen ran circles around it.

The collagen group experienced a “significant reduction” in their overall discomfort and stiffness.

Type II Collagen outperformed the glucosamine & chondroitin by up to 40% in every category tested — despite the enormous difference in serving size.

As Competitions Go, It Was a Clobbering!

A 90-day Canadian study found much the same — again, using just 40 mg daily of collagen versus 2700 mg combined of glucosamine & chondroitin.

Type II Collagen was the hands-down champion!

And in a 2013 sports medicine study in California, also testing just 40 mg of collagen daily, participants experienced noticeable knee support after just 120 days.

I'm convinced Type II Collagen is the best way to get all these powerful healers into your joints — where you need them.

That's why every daily serving of ArthroCet™ contains not just 40 mg as used in these three studies — but 400 mg instead.

That's TEN TIMES the levels used in these studies, so...

ArthroCet™ is Loaded With the
Most Powerful Form of Type II Collagen

ArthroCet™ contains the world's premium Type II collagen called KollaGen II-xs™ in levels that will make a big difference. I selected it for its quality, purity and potency.

And that counts a LOT when it comes to collagen.

This next-generation collagen is derived using an exclusive water extraction technology. No solvents like ethanol or harsh chemicals are used — so there are no residual contaminants whatsoever.

Most importantly, you get all its critical nutrients in their most natural state. This promotes optimum assimilation into your joints to help support your cartilage.

Other formulas barely tread water with Type II Collagen in comparison. It's another reason why ArthroCet™ is...

My EXTRA-STRENGTH Solution That Shines
In a Field Filled with Fakes and Pretenders

ArthroCet™ could call it quits right there and still be superior to most joint formulas available today.

After all, its GLM extract and KollaGen II-xs™ that load you up with joint-boosting furan fatty acids, hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen proteins and even antioxidants in their natural forms.

It reads like a complete joint formula already!

But my goal was to produce the most powerful and well-balanced joint formula of all.

So there's much more in ArthroCet™ — starting with a nutrient that your joints could be starving for this very minute.

Proven Joint Supporter #3:
The Sulfur Superstar for Pain-Free Joints

That's when MSM burst onto the scene and took the health world by storm. Entire bestselling books were written about this “miracle supplement” and its power to transform your health.

And what was true then remains true today.

MSM — methylsulfonylmethane — is an organic compound that provides biologically active sulfur needed for multiple metabolic processes in your body.

The Hidden Gap in Your Diet That
Spells BIG Trouble for Your Joints

I'm talking about sulfur, one of the most plentiful minerals in your body. It's absolutely critical to joint health — but you are most likely getting far less than you need from today's diet.

Sulfur levels in fresh foods have dropped dramatically in recent decades, thanks to soil depletion and the dominant use of chemical fertilizers instead of organic fertilizers.

This has led to widespread deficiency, according to a prominent MIT researcher. Even the World Health Organization has raised the alarm on sulfur deficiency!

As a result, I believe low sulfur could be why so many people struggle with achy, stiff joints. The good news?

The perfect solution arrived about 20 years ago, MSM.

Mitchell Feels Young Again - And He Thanks ArthoCet

Mitchell M. of Minnesota was feeling bitter and frustrated. He had occasional lower back pain and right hip stiffness that made him feel much older than his age.

As he puts it, “I resented this as I have always focused on a healthy lifestyle and young-at-heart attitude. I also like to be active physically.

He wanted something more natural — and he found it with ArthroCet™. Three months later he's “extremely satisfied with this product.”

That's definitely a plus! Here's what else Mitchell says:

“ArthroCet™ has decreased stiffness and discomfort. Now I can bend over almost without thinking about it and with much greater flexibility.”

“I can easily bring my right leg up bending at the hip joint to put on a sock, etc. That had caused some discomfort before. I keep coming back because ArthroCet™ works!”

It's high time you felt “younger than your years” instead of older. ArthroCet™ will help you get back into the game, too!

Your cells and tissues absorb it like a sponge. And MSM is a true superstar when it comes to your joints, because...

✓It soothes joints and supports daily comfort by promoting the right balance of enzymes like COX-2 and inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS)

✓It helps cells and tissues flush out harmful toxins and byproducts.

✓It helps your body to form new collagen for joint tissue.

And not surprisingly, MSM has produced joint-easing and mobility-improving results in clinical studies I've carefully reviewed.

In one study, 50 men and women were given either MSM or a placebo twice a day for 12 weeks. At the end of the study, the patients who received the MSM showed a significant boost in joint comfort.

Plus, they also reported improvement in performing everyday activities.

Another study, this one published in the Journal of Anti-Aging Medicine in 2014, looked at 100 patients with either hip or knee osteoarthritis. Half received MSM, while the other half received a placebo.

At the end of the 26-week trial, the MSM group showed dramatic improvement across the board on the WOMAC scale.

The WOMAC scale is a self-assessment tool doctors use to determine how much pain you're in when you are performing daily talks like walking up a flight of stairs, putting on a pair of socks or getting out of bed.

Again, no side effects.

Proven Joint Supporter #4:

This Natural Remedy Targets a
Hidden Cause of Your Daily Discomfort

Pineapple has been used since ancient times to ease stiffness and discomfort. Today we know the source of its power: a proteolytic enzyme called bromelain.

Bromelain dissolves fibrin, a sticky protein that's part of your immune system. Fibrin forms a mesh around an injury or wound to begin the healing process.

Fibrin is an essential “first responder” to injury sites. But when fibrin overproduces, it builds up in your joints and blocks oxygen delivery.

And lack of oxygen and nutrients causes agonizing discomfort...

That's where bromelain can help. It's a proteolytic enzyme, which means it breaks down proteins.

It helps dissolve excess fibrin in joints and old injuries sites — which could be a big reason why it eases joint discomfort so effectively over time.

And of course, ArthroCet™ includes...

“I was given a bottle of ArthroCet™
and IT WORKS!!”

The worst part about sore joints? They way they s-l-o-w-l-y take over your life.

At first, you work through them. But soon, you begin changing your routine to avoid the discomfort. The things you love doing, you start doing less and less.

That's what happened to Marlene B. in New Hampshire. As she puts it, “I have been a gardener and craft person all my life. As we get older, joints have taken a lot of abuse and will tell you ‘Enough!'

Her joints started acting up. And that meant less time for the activities she enjoyed the most. But then a friend stepped in with real help:

"I was given a bottle of Arthrocet™ and IT Works!!"

When I take it every day, my knees, shoulder, and hands feel great. When I don't take it, well, let's just say shame on me for not taking it!

It's not as if Marlene didn't try other solutions. She did. But she writes, “I have tried other joint relief formulas, and they have always bothered my stomach. ArthroCet™ does not.

Is Marlene gardening today? She could be — because her joints aren't holding her back, thanks to ArthroCet™!

Experience for yourself the soothing difference ArthroCet™ can make!

Proven Joint Supporter #5:

Proven Joint Supporter #5:
Easing Joint Agony for 2,000 Years and Counting

I'm sure you've heard how turmeric is one of nature's best soothing agents. It's true, and thousands of studies have documented its beneficial effects.

It soothes minor irritations all through your body, including sore joints and trouble spots — and studies show it can add up to relief you can feel.

In a recent double-blind placebo-controlled study — the gold standard of clinical research — volunteers with achy knees were given turmeric in its concentrated curcumin form for six weeks.

The curcumin group experienced “a significant boost in joint comfort and support.

No surprise there. Turmeric has been easing joints for thousands of years, long before scientists put it to the test!

That's why ArthroCet™ features 200 mg of the concentrated curcumin in every daily serving.

Proven Joint Supporter #6:

A Cousin of Turmeric that Works
Two Ways to Help Your Joints

The sixth Joint Weapon in ArthroCet™ is ginger. It's loaded with phytonutrients that do your body good, and the most important is called gingerol.

Gingerol is a close relative to both capsaicin and piperine. It works like capsaicin to support whole-body comfort.

It also helps reduce the inflammation causing the discomfort. And that helps your joints wherever it flares up.

In one study, ginger extract alone helped 63% of people with knee disc

And ArthroCet™ provides even more help ...

5 Additional Proven Joint Supporters
Bring All-Day Lasting Relief

These last five joint-soothing weapons have been used for centuries. And with a total of 135 mg in every serving, it's like getting a “bonus formula” of time-tested remedies in ArthroCet™.

They work to bring comfortable balance back into your life. You get:

Proven Joint Supporter #7: White Willow Bark extract. Bayer synthesized the salicin in white willow bark to create the world's first aspirin in the late 1800s.

Studies show white willow bark not only supports joint comfort but also supports mobility in the back, knees, hips and other joints.

And a study in the American Journal of Medicine found it's also effective for lower back discomfort. Plus it provides extra joint supporting flavonoids.

✓ Proven Joint Supporter #8: Borage Seed Oil (20% GLA). Borage oil is the single greatest source of an essential fatty acid called gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) aside from human breast milk. It has incredible tissue soothing and antioxidant properties.

We don't get much of it in our diets... and our bodies can't make it on their own... so the only real way to get the benefits of GLA is to take it in supplement form.

Studies show that people who take borage seed oil have a noticeable boost in joint comfort, flexibility, and mobility in as little as six weeks.

✓ Proven Joint Supporter #9: Feverfew extract. The feverfew plant has been used for thousands of years as a “cure-all” medicinal treatment. That's why its nickname is “medieval aspirin.”

Ancient healers recognized its power to soothe irritated tissues. In fact, the ancient Greek physician Pedanius Dioscorides — who lived in the 1st century A.D. used it for “all mild irritations.”

Feverfew supports cytokine balance. Cytokines are proteins that may cause mild irritation. This support comes in part from a compound called parthenolide. This compound has been shown in lab tests to support a healthy balance of cytokines.

ArthroCet™ is the functional medicine approach to joint support. It's Joint Health 101. And as you see in this Special Report, it works — and dramatically better than other formulas.

✓Proven Joint Supporter #10: Papain. Like bromelain, papain is a natural enzyme — except papain comes from papaya.

These enzymes modulate the inflammatory process in a number of ways, like:

  • Supporting the health of mucous membranes...
  • And dissolving blood clot-forming fibrin, the sticky mesh-like substance that can cause pain when too much of it builds up in your joints.

My team and I spent months researching the evidence and formulating ArthroCet™.

We even added an absorption booster called HAI™ Amino Acid Extract (from sea algae) — our proven joint supporter #11 — to make sure you get optimal results from every capsule you take.

This extract is an amazing antioxidant, and it's one of the most-nutrient dense organisms on the planet.

These nutrients help strengthen bones, and support your joints and connective tissue.

This extract also improves the absorption of all the other ingredients in this carefully researched and crafted formula.

Ralph's Troubled Shoulder Was Ruining His Life — Until He Found ArthroCet™!

In Wisconsin, Ralph K.'s shoulder hurt so bad that he thought he needed a replacement — and soon!

But after taking ArthroCet™ for just 30 days, he started to reconsider. And so did his doctor. According to Ralph:

“After my last MRI the surgeon felt we should wait awhile. He was amazed that the bone on bone had not increased at all and the tear in a tendon had healed itself.

“When a surgeon tells you we do not have to operate yet, well I was astounded.”

Now Ralph takes ArthroCet™ daily. He says, “I can now do my PT with minimal discomfort. I can also jog and ride my bicycle and do my exercise routine without being sore for 2 days. That is huge in my book. I am a very active person!

Not only that, but “I have been sleeping at night again with little discomfort. Besides that, my left hand was slammed in a car door and my thumb was bothering me daily. That too has subsided to where I sometimes forget it ever happened.

Other joint supplements? He tried them. “Many,” he says, “but ArthroCet™ produced noticeable results. I dropped two other joint supplements I was taking so it actually pays for itself. I love that!

ArthroCet™ can make a remarkable difference in your life, too. With our Best Deal, you can take advantage of a huge savings off the regular price. You'll pay less than a dollar a day.

I know I'm right, because...

ArthroCet™ is Your Simple Solution That Keeps You in Control of Your Own Life

Just make ArthroCet™ a part of your daily routine and you'll get a long-term solution to the common joint discomfort problems that can rob you of your independence and keep you sidelined.

I spent YEARS testing and tweaking this formula until I found the right combination of natural ingredients. And I'm convinced this is THE BEST joint support formula available anywhere.

Remember, as a doctor and a former pharmacist, I've seen and tried it all with my patients — and I know what works for them.

And I feel confident it will work for you, too!

This unique combination of 11 joint-supporting ingredients — including the Maori miracle “Emerald Oyster” — is EXACTLY what I've been recommending to my patients for years.

I've seen it change lives and bring hope to the hopeless.

It's your choice... and it all starts RIGHT HERE.

ArthroCet™ is Your “Get Out of Jail Free” Card...
And It's GUARANTEED to Work or You Don't Pay

I love my work. That's no secret.

The best thing about being a doctor is seeing my patients escape the misery and anguish that's been haunting them for years or even decades.

I have patients that had basically given up hope they'd ever be able to enjoy life again. They were depressed because of the frustration and discomfort.

They felt like a burden to their loved ones.

They had pretty much “checked out” and given up... Until they started taking this unique formulation of natural joint supporters.

Just weeks or months later, these same patients were practically dancing their way into my office!

Some had taken vacations they never thought they'd be able to take. Some talked about how much fun they were having with their grandkids.

One patient told me he'd been playing so much golf (without discomfort!) he now has a “single-digit handicap” for the first time in his life.

And another said her garden was the envy of her neighbors — all because she was able to spend time tending to it again.

I was thrilled for them...

And Now I Want the Same for You!

I'm so confident that ArthroCet™ will help give you back to life you want that I'll give you a FULL refund with no questions asked if you're not completely thrilled with your results.

PLUS I'll give you a FULL 90 Days to decide.

This offer is 100% RISK-FREE.

With ArthroCet™, you'll get results you can FEEL for yourself. And if you don't get the kind of relief thousands of others have already experienced, you don't pay. Not one single penny. It's that simple.

I'd Like to Get This Vital Remedy into Your Hands IMMEDIATELY... Time is of the Essence!

ArthroCet™ attacks joint discomfort from the inside-out. But sometimes you need to attack it from more than one angle.

Pain Free HP™ with menthol is a unique topical roll-on solution formulated with natural ingredients. It provides deep-penetrating, instant relief for topical irritations.

Pain Free HP™ works by suppressing the signals to your brain before you can even say “ouch!”

Just rub on Pain Free HP™ anywhere on your body where it hurts... and BOOM! You feel great!

Pain-Free HP™ with menthol is a crystal-clear liquid roll-on that combines 4 powerful pharmaceutical-grade ingredients in a proprietary formula that work together in perfect synergy.

It is non-sticky, non-staining, and easy to apply.

And study after study shows that it's 100% safe, fast and highly effective.

Best of all, it won't interfere with any of your other medications or supplements you may already be taking, including ArthroCet™.

In fact, it's the perfect complement to ArthroCet™, delivering a one-two punch that wipes out mild joint discomfort for hours.

Dr. David Blyweiss

Medical Doctor + Hospital Pharmacist =
“Master Formulator” of Nutritional Supplements

Early in his career, Dr. Blyweiss was the lead pharmacist in a major New York City hospital for 3 years... formulating and compounding all the prescription medications, IVs, antibiotics, and other drugs used by the hospital's doctors and surgeons.

Dr. Blyweiss tutored these doctors on how to use the drugs, along with their side effects, interactions, and their “mechanism of action.”

Dr. Blyweiss is one of the few MDs who truly understands how nutrients interact with each other, and how to create balanced formulas that really work.

Dr. Blyweiss knows, for example, you need more than just a handful of basic nutrients if you want a pain-relieving formula to really work.

It's not enough to just lubricate the joints, you must also build new cartilage and support your joints and tissues with the right nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants... something many doctors overlook.

That's why his 11-nutrient ArthroCet™ formula is more comprehensive and well-planned than anything you'll find anywhere else.

Today, Dr. Blyweiss is one of the best qualified and most talented nutritional supplement formulators in the U.S., and ArthroCet™ is his “go to” solution for his patients in his South Florida practice.

Your BEST DEAL includes 2 FREE Bottles of Arthrocet™...Plus FREE SHIPPING and a Bonus Gift.  A total in Savings and Gifts of $111.32

Our “Best Deal” Introductory Offer gives you a full 5 Bottles + 2 FREE of my  life-changing ArthroCet™ formula for the lowest possible price... Plus you get a FREE gift worth $24.95 — an immediate total savings of $111.32!

You won't pay more than 99 cents a day... for my joint-saving formula that includes not only the “Maori Miracle,” but 10 other POTENT and PROVEN pain fighters.

Of course, in addition to fast, long-lasting joint comfort, you'll also say SAYONARA! to the emotional baggage that comes from living in agony goodbye forever.

No more canceled plans...

No more feeling guilty that you can't “keep up”...

No more “scheduling” your life around how you feel...

No more fear of missing out on the good things in life...

And to help you address ALL your concerns as FAST as possible, I'm going to send you a FREE gift — my latest breakthrough in topical support, Pain Free HP™ with menthol.

But I Need to Hear from You TODAY...

In this letter I've shown you my “super-formula” for the kind of comfortable, “glide-like-silk” joint health that lets you eliminate discomfort... keep your independence... and stay engaged with your family, friends, and the activities you love.

I've shown you clear and compelling evidence from some of the most reputable universities and medical journals in the world, like Harvard University and the Journal of the American Medical Association, who all came to the same conclusion:

There are specific nutrients that help you feel great for life... and you can start using them RIGHT AWAY to restore, revive and rejuvenate your tired tired, worn out joints.

And I've invited you to try ArthroCet™ RISK FREE for just 99 cents a day, with 2 FREE bottles, an instant savings of $89.37 and a FREE gift worth $24.95.

Now the decision is completely in your hands.

As I see it, you have 3 options:

  1. 1
    If you choose to do nothing, chances are your pain will continue to deteriorate... and you'll wind up stuck at home under forced curfew while your friends and family enjoy life without you, or...
  2. 2
    You can continue to rely on doctors to give you stronger and stronger pain pills without ANY help to save your joints. (Not much better than your first option.)
  3. 3
    Or you can start taking ArthroCet™ and live life on YOUR terms, staying active, independent, and PAIN FREE.


Money Back Guarantee

You're Covered By My Iron-Clad,
Money-Back Triple Guarantee

Guarantee #1: ArthroCet™ will significantly reduce your joint inflammation and pain everywhere you hurt, beginning in as little as a week. Your satisfaction is guaranteed...or it's FREE!

Guarantee #2: ArthroCet™ will improve your flexibility...your mobility...and your ability to enjoy the vital, active lifestyle you want. No compromises! Your satisfaction is guaranteed...or it's FREE!

Guarantee #3: ArthroCet™ will help rejuvenate your joint cartilage and synovial fluid so your joints feel great again. You'll feel decades younger with your rejuvenated ability to walk, lift, run, grip, reach, throw, and bend down. Your satisfaction is guaranteed...or it's FREE!

At 90 days, if you're not completely satisfied with the results, just return your bottles, even empty ones, for a full refund of your purchase price (minus any shipping and handling). No questions asked.

It's entirely up to you.

Every time you get out of bed in the morning WITHOUT any aches or pains, you'll be reminded that ArthroCet™ is the RIGHT decision. I guarantee it.


David Blyweiss, M.D.

P.S. — Remember, you must FEEL the difference ArthroCet™ makes in your life or you don't pay. It's that simple.

I pledge to you that ArthroCet™ will restore pain-free joints, and eliminate the daily frustration and misery... that you'll feel more confident and less anxious about your freedom of movement... and that you'll get through your daily routine in a body that's younger, more vibrant, and PAIN FREE.

And I'll give you 90 days to experience what ArthroCet™ can do for you... and if you still don't feel like we made the grade, every penny of your purchase price will go right back in your pocket!

P.P.S. — I have one more gift for you... I call it my “quick reply bonus.”

Let me hear from you right this minute and I'll sign you up for my private email letters I call Advanced Natural Wellness. These are the personal letters I send to my patients with all my advice, recommendations, and up-to-the-minute announcements that affect the health of you and your family.

This is my way of sharing my research and experience with you on a regular basis, just like if you were coming into my clinic to see me as a patient.

Here are just a few of the insights I shared in recent letters that you already missed:

  • Follow this ONE recommendation and NEVER diet again... How this one specific nutrient, eaten early in the morning, “programs” your body to burn fat for up to 16 hours at a time.
  • Beat the blues and turn on your “happy switch” by taking 25 mg of this must-have mineral... a NEW study from a prominent medical journal shows this is more effective than most prescriptions.
  • The single most important “superfood” you can get your hands on... and why many researchers think this nutrient powerhouse was the real “manna from Heaven” referred to in the Bible because it was found dried and wafer-like on the rocky ground by the ancient Hebrews in the desert.

Okay, I realize it's not fair to share these with you and not give you the whole story. So I'll grant you full access to ALL my previous letters with a special password that gets you into my archive... but only if I hear from you RIGHT NOW.

Just select “Best Value”...

I'll take care of the rest!

ArthroCet Risk-Free Trial and Introductory Savings Certificate

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YES! I want complete relief from my daily discomfort and an end to my frustration and misery! And I want the same help Dr. Blyweiss gives his own patients!

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Please rush me my order of ArthroCet™ as follows:


*Results not typical. Individual results may vary.

Results not necessarily typical. Individual results may vary. Dr. Blyweiss is compensated by Uniscience for his work in formulating and endorsing this product. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

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